FIRST Australia will be hosting a series of Google Hangouts on Air featuring prominent mentors and gurus from the global FIRST community including WFA and Dean’s List award winners along with some very special guests. Viewers (you!) will be given the opportunity to send in questions to our panel of guests and have them answered live. Each Hangout will be recorded and can be viewed at any time afterwards from our YouTube channel to provide a continuing resource to mentors. The Hangouts will give new mentors insight into what being on a FRC team is like, but will also provide in depth answers to veteran mentors. You can find more information on our Google+ ( and Facebook ( pages and in the trailer. (

Through this exciting new project, we hope everyone in the FIRST community will be able to embrace what it is to be a mentor and gain a new insight into helping today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to PM me. On behalf of all of us at FIRST Australia, I hope that you will be able to join us as we help mentors build teams, “One Step at a time”.

What a great idea! Looking forward to this.

Hi Everyone, we just wanted to remind you there will be an opportunity to ask questions LIVE during the show, through our Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages. You can post comments or post on our wall.

We will also be using the hashtag #omgmentors.