FIRST Store in St. Louis 2012

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the championship in St. Louis this year. I wanted to purchase a sweatshirt from the FIRST Store, however I couldn’t make time to go over and do it. I checked the FIRST website and found the link to the store, however they don’t have nearly the selection that the actual store did. I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy anything from the store? Thanks for the help!

I doubt that this is what you’re looking for, but Matt Leary, Senior Buisness Development Specialist for LogoLoc, gave me his card.
It reads as follows:

Matthew J. Leary
Senior Buisness Development Specialist

540 N Commercial St. | Manchester, NH 03101
P: 603-644-4800 | F: 603-644-0780 | LogoLoc.Com

You could probably shoot him an email, explain what you saw at Champs, what you can remember about the sweatshirt, and see what he’d help you with.

Et voila. Best bet right there.

For those wondering, I spoke with Matt from Logoloc and the designs for shirts and sweatshirts will be avalable for purchase this upcoming weekend.