Initial thoughts?

So many things to do!

Manual password @Ahead)Together!FRC^2016

I think we have a new contender for best FRC game!

Oh god.

READ THE RULES! There is going to be a lot to this game!

Medieval stuff could be a little corny but I like the game overall.

OH! what FUN

Audience selecting the final defense is going to be interesting… love how that works with the medieval theme!

Also, extremely different way of using ranking points this year. You earn ranking points not only by winning the match, but also breaching the defenses and capturing the tower.

Looks complicated, but I really like it! This is my first year with FRC, so I’m pretty excited to be a part of it!

I like the game, just hope the FMS/refs can keep up with it…

It looks like teams with more members with have a defense selection advantage since their yells will be more pronounced.

Just a safety reminder…

Field Reset Hell.

It reminds me of 2012 and I predict it will play out similarly. Smart teams should have a significant advantage early as they will be focusing on barriers and scoring low while non-experienced teams will likely be attempting to score high.

Best game I have seen since starting in 2005!

Definitely in my top 9 favorite games since Overdrive.

Not a water game???!?!?

Well guys, time to start drilling for weight.

I honestly think this will come into play during alliance selection early-midway through the season (loud teams as 2nd/3rd picks).

It does have a moat field element…