Though it is somewhat similar to 2012, one team on an alliance can get 4 ranking points while another team has the possibility to get 0 (not winning, not damaging the defense, not capturing the tower).

This is very different from 2012 where if cooperation happened both alliances received ranking points.

Really challenging, especially for rookie team to build one or two practice field elements. Difficult to build a an uberbot that can both get across multiple barriers against defense, and then be able to attack tower. a simple boxbot can defend against an uberbot. Even a well established team would have trouble constructing multiple field elements to test against. I’ll predict there will be a lot of pre-competition co-op to build practice field and discuss strategies.

Can Anyone put up an alternated site for the manual and field drawings? I can’t get them from FIRST - timeouts. The webcast was perfect. I was ROTFL. Now go bring me a shrubbery!

My god the foam balls are expensive

Agreed. I was more referring to that fact that ranking points can be earned by ways other than winning matches, like 2012. (It is possible for a team to win a match and be passed in the rankings by a team they just beat).

How many boulders can we carry after the autonomous code?

Robot may be in possession of only one boulder at any given time.

Rule below. Just if anyone was confused about what possessing or controling was.

G38 ROBOTS may not control more than one (1) BOULDER at any time.

Violation: FOUL per extra BOULDER

Moving or positioning a BOULDER to gain advantage is considered


Examples include, but are not limited to:

A. “carrying” (holding BOULDERS inside a ROBOT)

B. “herding” (intentionally pushing or impelling BOULDERS to a desired

location or direction)

C.“trapping” (holding one or more BOULDERS against a FIELD element

in an attempt to shield or guard them)

D. “launching” (shooting BOULDERS into the air or throwing in a forceful


Examples of interaction with BOULDERS that are not “control” include,

but are not limited to:

A. “bulldozing” (inadvertent contact with BOULDERS while in the path of

the ROBOT moving about the FIELD)

B. “deflecting” (being hit by a BOULDER that bounces into or off of a


If a BOULDER becomes lodged in or on a ROBOT, it will be considered

controlled by the ROBOT. It is important to design your ROBOT so that

it is impossible to inadvertently or unintentionally control more than the

allowed maximum.

It’s lit!

Refree job is hell even more

This looks incredibly difficult. Takes the award for “Most Complex FRC game” from Recycle Rush (or perhaps Diabolical Dynamics).

Anybody else notice 1 boulder is $35.00 from andymark?!?!? Seems crazy expensive, or did I read the description wrong and you get more than 1?

Will there be water in the moat defense

I think it’s just blue HDPE… it better be HDPE…

I see the same thing. The pack of 6 is $205 on gophersport.

Is it legal to shoot the boulder from the neutral zone over the obstacles to the opponents side.? So that our spy can get the Boulder and score

I’d suggest reading G39 and G40, along with G42. How many tech fouls do you want?

Check Rule G40.

Agreed. Might be a worse game to referee then Aerial Assist.

This looks like an absolutely awesome game, I’m really excited to see what everyone comes up with. That being said, there are a lot of pretty complicated field elements. It’s going to be hard for teams that don’t have tons of students and money to practice.

The moat has dehydrated water in it, just add water!