FIRST Stronghold Score Sheet

It may be nothing fancy, but here is a basic score sheet I have constructed for this current year. The way I have made it appears a little funky, I know, but to help make sense, I made the number of actions bolded as the actually scores remain in a normal font. I hope this sheet proves useful to you. Thank you.

Thanks, looks great!

That looks fantastic! Do you mind if other teams use this for scouting?

You might consider putting the names of the defenses they crossed so you know what to choose later if you compete against them.

I’m slightly confused about what the numbers in the top row indicate…is this sheet for one robot in a given match, or all six teams in a match?

That shows the amount of times you have completed that task. And yes this can be used for scouting.:smiley:

Yes. It is as Zach said. This is open to all, please use it to your leisure.