FIRST style bumper cars

Ok I want to see these in person now.

GDC Now this would be a killer human player.

I want to be 12 again so I can play. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots on steroids.

Who said you had to be 12. :cool:

We could just make a pair to fit mentors (or students… I guess) comfortably. :wink:

At 3.50 per bout, the amount of funds you would raise would probably support your team for…forever.

Just imagine all the design disagreements this will solve!

The description said 17k a pair which means 8500 per. I am pretty sure teams could design one under FIRST budget constraints

These would be great for demos.

:ahh: …this is so funny! And cool! What were you even looking up when you found this?? :stuck_out_tongue: