FIRST summer

Are any of you teams interested in making a summer camp with FIRST related activity?
I was thinking that students can work individually or in small groups, and at the end have a competition.
We could start with FRC. I would really like if we could organize a summer camp that would take the ideas of FRC, and create small teams over the summer. This will keep the minds of the teams open, and members will be able to use the summer as a chance to progress them, and be more prepared for FIRST in January.
If someone is willing to help, I will be willing to open this with you.

Currently it feels as though the only FIRST Camp is at the FIRST Place, but that might not be true. I know that one of my Sophomores participated in an FTC Summer Program last summer so some are out there. But they are extremely difficult to find.

But starting up a FRC summer camp sounds awesome. There are plenty of FRC students that I am sure would love to mentor a program like this over the summer.

Our team is thinking of a FIRST summer camp idea similar to band camp for preparation for next year. Can anyone give my team an ideal schedule for two weeks?

Current idea:
One week of introductions to campers, programming, mechanical, tools, electronics.

Second week make a chassis bot with a simple autonomous and a basic function (a arm to pick up a ball)

Thank You

We started running a STEM camp on our island last year. The camp is currently geared for students from grade 3 to 8th.
It was so successful that we are now running two a year. One during summer break and the other during fall break.

The students spend half the day in a robotics workshop featuring FIRST Lego for the beginners and Vex for the more advanced. The other half of the students day is in workshops with local high tech professionals.

A link to our previous program

We will hopefully be expanding the program soon for older students which will incorporate a FRC build based on previous years. We are talking about making the Logo Motion mini bots as our first challenge and expanding to larger projects as the outreach program grows.

The last day of the camp is competition day. Each student group will then compete with their robot on a Tiki Tech student designed game. With the camp ending in a FIRST type awards ceremony.

The entire program is designed and run by the Tiki Tech students. We had over 100 students attend our last camp. Which was huge success and was a front page feature in the paper.

Any questions send me a PM,


We’ve been running a summer camp for our team for a long time now. It’s usually the two weeks right before school starts, and is geared towards new students - last year we had 20 new students show up for the camp!

We meet M-Th from 6-9 for the two weeks of the camp, giving us 8 days. Those days are broken out between the 4 subteams: Programming, electrical, mechanical, and PR. Students are placed into 4 groups, and rotate between the subteams, spending two days in a row at each subteam.

Each subteam has its own project for the students. Electrical does small soldering kits from This has the added benefit of giving each kid something to take home from camp. Mechanical usually builds something - sometimes it’s something that can be used as an add-on for the kit, other times it’s something for the robot or for the build space. Programming uses a program called Alice to introduce kids to programming. PR goes over team history and information, FIRST history and information, works on sponsor letters, and other such activities.

A small part of each day is spent as a large group. We have a “question of the day” so everyone can get to know each other a little more, and do a team building exercise.

Oh, and don’t forget snack time! You have to have a 10 minute break in the middle so everyone can have a cookie :slight_smile: