FIRST sumo matches list

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**How did I know Andy would throw me into this!!

C’mon Chris … bring it on! I really don’t know if I have it in me to thrash a fellow Wolverine, but I think I can overcome it. Can anyone say Great Lakes Sumo Club?

-Paul (Yoshimitzu Suzuki) **

Thrash?!?!?!? So you wannna trash talk, do ya? I’ll see your thrashin’ and raise you a good whoopin’.

In this spirit of FIRST, Paul and I should form an alliance and go tag-team against a couple of Buckeyes. That would be a good match.

If this doesn’t scare you nothing will…

Joe J.

that is too funny joe!!

Yep, yep… that’s definatly scary! :wink:

  • Katie

*Originally posted by Joe Johnson *
**If this doesn’t scare you nothing will…

Joe J.


Wow, Dr. Joe. I would think that you lose weight after finishing the robot…

I guess you celebrated too hard afterward. Good food at home? Too much Mountain Dew perhaps?
I am afraid to see this new Dr. Joe cheering for CD in a match.

Really looking forward to see if other engineers gain this much weight as well. So we could have a real sumo matches.

OH yeah, Brandon, can you set this picture as Dr. Joe’s new profile picture?

Ive had another match suggested from an anonymous source…
Nate Smith(470) vs Kenny Ardizzone(108) vs Mike Soukup(111)

I saw Andy Baker practicing already :wink:

Looks like Dean was in town visiting Delphi and somehow he got in the photo :slight_smile:

Andy’s even playing it safe…wearing a bike helmet…hahaha:D

Another good one

I think Dan Green (111) needs to take on Tom the FedEx guy
(inside joke)

Also Ashlee (973) Vs Carolyn (86) Vs Christina (810)

1 Rule Ashlee cant use the squeeky hammer

and another suggestion…any more sent to me Im keepin on a list and puttin on at 12 tonight PST.
David Kelly(234) vs DJ Fluck(45) vs Clark Gilbert(45)

these are the final additions I currently plan on placing on this list. these are ones either I forgot or I had recommended to me.
Andy Baker vs Ken Leung
Steve Shade vs Ken Leung
Christina(810) vs Michael(810)
Jason Morrella vs Tony Norman

whoa whoa whoa,
Can I get in on this I’ll take any student a.k.a not alumni on. If its to late I’ll understand, but if anybody willing for a challenge just reply. I’ll be at CT, NJ, and Nats


I caught Joe Johnson practicing!!..

look he’s wearing an offical FIRST uniform…is there some sort of consperacy here?


wow guys, wow

I’m in, but only under one condition: I get to wrestle Jason Morella too!


(ashlee - it’s “lavery” with only one “L” [the first one])

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I think Clark is having too much fun with Adobe Photoshop :smiley:

Im sorry about the misspelling!

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**I think Clark is having too much fun with Adobe Photoshop :smiley: **

No i think its Uleed Photo Impact…

I think clark has something against Photoshop

Come to think of it, since both Technokats and Chief are participating in the next week’s Buckeye regionals, could anyone tell me if the Andy Baker vs Joe Johnson sumo match will be webcasted? I’d be really interested in seeing that:)

Hey about a tag team match. Me, Bill Beaty and Andy Baker take on all comers…You just have to figure out where we are at.

And I won’t need any of that paraphernalia. Just give me a mawashi and some rock salt, and I am ready to go.