FIRST T-Shirt that was in the 2012 KOP

Does anyone know where the grey, FIRST, Rebound RUMBLE t-shirt that was in our kit of parts came from? I’d love to order more for the team, but have had no luck finding out who produced them. There doesn’t seem to be a FIRST merchandise store anymore (I have searched this site, google, AM, etc… I know when we were at Championship a few years ago there was a “store” set up, but I would think we could purchase online as well. Thanks!

Hmm, I don’t recall a t-shirt in our KOP. Perhaps it was a regional thing your local people did? Or maybe it is a sign…

We did not receive a tshirt in our kit of parts.
Here is the online FRC store.

One Rebound Rumble t-shirt was provided to each team in the KOP complements of JCP, a major sponsor of FIRST. Look for many regionals to offer event shirts with team lists and as Taylor indicated, the FIRST Logo-Loc store will have shirts and other cool swag available.

Thank you everyone for your replies! The FIRST Store link wouldn’t go anywhere for me last night (errors only), so I thought I must have had an old link. (I know, shouldn’t assume!) But it works great today – so thank you so much!

But I will take the fact that we received a shirt in our KOP as a “sign”. :slight_smile: Every little bit helps, right!

Our team receive a tshirt in our 2012 KOP.