FIRST Tailgating

O.K. … it’s late and I just finished checking the drawings that the students gave me today and I had an idea (don’t know if it is good or bad yet, but we shall see). With all the crazy rules regarding food and drink at regionals and the Championship (the water one cracks me up), we should play their game. We will be at Chicago again this year and the Championship and I am thinking of planning a FIRST massive tailgate.

Think of it. Grills, lawn chairs, breakfast drinks and a bunch of crazy FIRSTers tailgating at 6:00am on Saturday morning. I am seriously thinking about planning something for Chicago and, if that goes well, the Championship.

What does everyone think of this idea?



I think that is a wonderful idea…too bad we’ll be in Richmond and not Chicago.

Sounds like fun, Paul! I’m sure the FEDS would be willing to join in down in Atlanta.

That would be insanely cool. I would definitely be in on such an event at Atlanta.


DUDE! Im bringing The Grill :slight_smile:

Good idea, Paul.

We will be out in the parking lot, east of Northwestern U stadium. We usually eat all of our meals out there, out of our TechnoKat trailer. We would love it if you or any other team would join us. We have never brought a grill, but that is a good idea.

Andy B.


You lame pig farmer! I’m not talking about a bunch of dudes sitting around eating their packed lunches that Mommy made.

I’m talking about a good old fashioned tailgate! Smoke pouring out of the grill, people with painted faces running around wearing their favorite Jerseys (team shirts … I still have my TechnoKat one). You get the point.

Besides, I don’t want to do it at lunch. I want to do it before the competition on Saturday. Can you imageine how revved up everyone would be in the morning after a blowout tailgate (no smart remarks)?

Would love to do it at the Manchester Regional. I can imagine a bunch of us out in front of the Verizon Stadium in 30-40 degree weather in shorts and wild shirts, sandles, whatever, BBQing and enjoying ourselves. We’d really screw a lot of people up. HAHA.

Now Leon gets it.

Maybe Andy should talk to you.


awesome idea!!! i’m just picturing it now… die-hard FIRST fans outside at 6am in the blistering cold cooking up burgers for breakfast!!! hahaha fun fun. is anybody up for doing it at GLR or West Michigan??? we should plan something. 322 will definately join in on the festivities if you guys do it in atlanta.

Sounds good! I’ll talk to my team about doing it at Eastern Mich. U.

OK, you crazy italian…

I’ll bring my bacon, hang it over a stick, and grill it to a crisp. I’ll even have some eggs on a griddle and maybe some cornbeef hash. East parking lot… Saturday morning… be there.


You’re On!!!

Oh man that would be awesome! I guarantee if everyone did this, the FIRST eating and drinking regulations would change rather quickly.

229 is in for New Hampshire.
Us Clarkson guys aren’t afraid of a little cold…

We’d be up for something at GLR or West Michigan… I heard someone mention those two regionals.

I can bring a grill and Space heater for NH.


It would be awsome if this happended.

I’ve got the lawnchairs. :wink:

We have been considering this too!!! I can prolly bring a grill to the peachtree.

Now THAT is some funny stuff. Classic - thanks for the laugh Paul.

And yes Andy, you are a big Momma’s boy.