FIRST Team 1114: 2012 Chairman's Video

FIRST Team 1114, Simbotics, is proud to present our 2012 Chairman’s Video, “I Remember”. Simbotics is celebrating our 10th season in FIRST and our submission looks back on all that we’ve accomplished on our team, within our community and throughout the world. We’re proud to showcase to the FIRST community a side to our team that may not always be seen, but is crucial to our success on and off the field. Our students and mentors share a special relationship through our Big Simbot, Little Simbot program and we’re humbled to be able to share that with the FIRST community.

For more information about our team and our 2012 Chairman’s Award submission, drop by our pits in St Louis.


Outstanding, this is a beautiful video from an unbelievably awesome team. 1114 is a team I will always look up too. Good luck in STL!



…again. Wow.

Any words that I could try to use to describe this wouldn’t say enough.

Thank you, FIRST Team 1114, for everything you do for the FIRST community and the community at large. While I never had the pleasure of talking with or working with your team during my four years of high school, it’s not hard to see the impact that you have on so many people around you. Best of luck this year in St. Louis, both on and off the field.

THIS is why I see 1114 as one of the teams who inspire me the most, both on and off the court.

  • Andrew

If 1114 isn’t the first 4 digit team to enter the hall of fame…

Inspiring video guys.

AWESOME! A very inspiring and touching video. I hope this is your year…

As a part of a team that is going to be competing for the chairman’s award at championship, I hope 1114 wins this year so everyone can see this fantastic video. You guys have the most amazing organization that inspires not only the teams around you but teams all over the world.

Amazing. Thanks for making me cry in front of my students :-p

Just incredible. I am in complete awe.

This is just some more proof why everyone who does FIRST should look up to Simbotics. Not just with there amazing on the field performances, but the way they are changing culture and changing people’s lives.

That’s how you make a Chairman’s Video! Awesome job!
Not just the delivery, but the real and lasting impact that it portrays.

Best wishes from Miss Daisy!

I just had a chance to finally see it, with Karthik in my VEX pit earlier.
Awesome, just awesome!
It’s unique and what’s most impressive, is that it was student led and student created. I get to hear their presentation later. :wink:

Good Luck at CMP.


I’d really like to see 1114 take World Chairman’s Award this year. 1114 is consistently a pillar of the FIRST and VEX community in Canada, and they have gone through pain-staking efforts to better every FIRST team in the world (Kitbot on Steriods resources, Textbook for Success, Simphone App). I’ve learned more from 1114 that I have from any other team out there (except for 1126, of course). I personally think it’s been long overdue for 1114 to enter the FIRST Hall of Fame.

They also do so much to spread FIRST to their area. It seems every few weeks I’m hearing something about 1114 being in the news doing a demo, or some Simbots being on TV. They just do so much. They’ve everywhere!


I think it’s between 340 and 1114 for CCA this year. That said, I think 1114 has a bit of an edge. I haven’t seen 340’s video in depth, but I can say, this is the best Chairmans video I have ever seen. It conveys with Simbotics is about and you can tell they are genuine. These guys are the real deal and they deserve it.

Words cannot portray as to how powerful, yet beautiful, this video is.
Best of luck 1114.

My favorite part was the listing of how many other FIRST teams 1114’s helped. Definitely illustrates commitment in a fantastic manner.

Amazing video from an awesome team :slight_smile: I think my favorite part about FIRST adding the video criteria is that we finally get to see what impressive programs/ideas many of the great RCA teams have put together. I’ve always liked 1114’s Big Simbot/Litttle Simbot program, but this really makes me love the program :slight_smile: Every team should take a look to see if there is something similar they can implement, as its one thing for students to be able to work alongside mentors, its a whole different level when there is an individual mentor looking out for you, and is your friend.

1114 - congrats on an impressive 10th season :slight_smile:

Edit: Something a comment made me realize… many teams will look at this and say they don’t have the mentor resources to implement this, but another idea would be to have your limited mentors be “bigs” to a set of leadership students, and then have the leadership students be “bigs” to the rest of your students. Its certainly not exactly the same learning, but may have the added benefit of really growing the student leaders, if you have a limited set of mentors.

I know who I’m rooting for to win the 2012 CCA. Bring it home for Canada and the 4-digit teams 1114!

Recognition on that stage can only serve to make the Simbotics Effect stronger.

Incredible video!
incredible students!
incredible mentors!
incredible robots!
incredible team!
Simbots are INCREDIBLE!!

Is it just me or does it seem like regional CA winners each year just get more and more amazing. I would hate to be the CCA judges, they have a really difficult job ahead of them. While I am rooting for 1114 this year, I almost feel there really needs to be 3 CCA given away each year. Think about it… there are more and more regionals each year and thus more CA winners, why not let there be more CCA’s given out. The achievements of some of these CA winners are amazing, and they may have to chase the CCA for 3-5 years.

The thing about awarding more than one is the overall Chairman’s aspect seems to become watered down to a certain amount of work that needs to be done to obtain the honor. I have to disagree with your statement only because there is always a team, like 1114, that will truly go above and beyond the “standard” for a Chairmans Award winner.