FIRST Team 1296 - 2012 Effort

  • mecanum drive (1 CIM per wheel, AM toughbox nanos, 6" AM tough wheels)
  • gathers from 4 sides using polycord on pvc rollers (bane bots motors and custom gears)
  • dual under-wheels shooter, good to 25’ or so (2 FP and 2 AM motors w/ custom transmission and 8" wheels)
  • ramp lowering device (van door motor w/ custom gear)
  • rotating turret with PID position control (AM gear motor w/ custom gear)
  • camera-guided variable speed shooter (with PID speed control)
  • can go over the bump (believe it or not!) and over the ramp
  • reversible bumpers

We have much software fine-tuning to do and are unhappy with the final feeding mechanism but it is basically complete and operational as wrapped. We have not named the bot yet. Possible names include Hoover, Jet, Polyphemus and Cyclops. Any CDers got a great name for us?

See you at the Bayou and Dallas-West!

Looking good! Cant believe you managed to come in underweight.

Ive seen that shooter somewhere before…:wink:

it is a little heavy (120.3), we are counting ounces!

Looks good! Can’t wait to see y’all at Dallas- West. :]

It will be fun to see those 4 sweepers work. See you guys at Bayou!

Great Robot, Dallas-West is going to be really competitive, see you all there.