FIRST Team 1296 - "Nessie"

Nessie uses mecanum drive, a 4 independent motor/transmission/encoder setup. The arm is a balanced 3-bar design driven by dual window motors geared down 9:1. The wrist is pushed out by a pneumatic piston and pulled back by surgical tubing. The gripper uses rollers to pull in and push out the game pieces (worked great). We had 2 minibots, a 4 sec and a 1.7 sec version. The minibots were deployed by a tray supported by heavy duty drawer slides pushed out with a pneumatic piston. Nessie’s brain use C++ code organized into multiple simple programs that sent messages to one another. We had custom dashboard done in LabView.

In San Antonio, 1296 finished high in the qualifying rounds and lost in the quarter-finals. In Dallas, 1296 finished qualifying rounds a close second to Team 148 (our vote for world #1 seed) and lost in the semi-finals (due to an intermittent minibot motor wire - arghhh).

We names ours Nessie as well…
Your robot looks very nice and looks like it works well.

Nice Job

That is a very nice robot y’all! We enjoyed being on an alliance with y’all!

We will see you at Kick-off

Yuo guys built a great machine. Thanks for making a PWM cable for us!

Team 1296 represented Rockwall well this year :wink:

Hopefully we can be alliance partners next year.

Let’s do it again next year! You guys are awesome. Phil is one of my favorite people involved with FIRST.

2158 loved working with y’all at Alamo, were glad y’all did well at Dallas and were looking forward to seeing y’all at Alamo next year (and maybe an off season event up here in Austin in august?)

Rumor is that 1296 will be there!!