FIRST Team 1551 in the Sweet Spot

Nice flat trajectory. That’ll make for a sweet spot on most of the field (this side of the truss). Way to go!

Very nice!

Just curious, what are you using to propel the arms? Based on the video, it sounds like the mechanism is spring loaded…

That is indeed what it sounds like. It is not what it is!

Surgical tubing. A boatload of surgical tubing.

That’s one application. :wink:

What’s a boat load? We’ve been using 5 bands so far.

A lot more than that. I don’t know the actual number, because as team leader I don’t actually need to know anything, just ask each group if they have what they need to keep doing what they need to be doing!

Nice shot! What is that distance?

25.5’ from the goal–and that’s our “far” shot (which makes sense, as we’d be parked almost under the truss at that point). Our “near” shot is 14’ with that exact setup–which means anywhere from the truss to 4’ over the line between the zones is a scoring shot, with a lot of forgiveness for not being lined up straight.

That’s a great range to have.