FIRST Team 2481 Roboteers Robot Optimus Climb

FIRST Robotics Team 2481 the Roboteers 2013 Robot Optimus Climb Reveal

-18 Point Autonomous
-Autonomous 30 point climb clocked at 23 seconds
-20 point in pyramid goal
-Accurate shooter from back of pyramid
-Two speed four CIM drive train (5.79 and 13.16 FPS)
-It has lights

This video was a really pleasant surprise last night. Amazing robot, it can pretty much do everything but floor pickup - but why do you need that when you can climb and shoot 20 pts of colored discs! Nice music for a fitting name and by far the best lightshow I’ve seen.

Better get some defensive robots on that thing! I will be looking very closely at this robot at Wisconsin. You guys were awesome last year but you are seriously bringing the competition this year. Honestly as a drive coach it will be scary going up against you guys. Among the best climbers we have seen so far!

Wow, we pretty much built the same exact shooter as you guys, right down to the half-bucket holding the frisbees. Only difference is, ours is orange :wink:

Overall, very solid design and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you guys go far.

Clearly the most important design feature!

Very nice robot with great point potential. I suspect there will be many teams hoping to be on your alliance so they don’t have to play against you in eliminations. Good luck!

this robot is sick! we had this same design and went another direction, now i wish we didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

By far my favorite robot name so far this year.

Really nice robot and video.

Definitely one of our favorite climbers.

Great job!

Can you explain the arm that keeps you frisbee’s in the holder.?

Your referring to the FRD (Frisbee Retaining Device). It keeps the frisbees in the hopper. It’s pneumatically actuated. It is not the most exciting thing on the robot so there isn’t a whole lot to say about it…

I was referring to that, and asked because we are currently having issues with our hopper. Does the FRD keep a constant pressure on the frisbee or is it a set position.?

We can fire with it up and we can fire with it down. There is constant pressure being applied when it is down. The frisbees prevent it from closing all the way so when ever the stack gets shorter it is able to actuate a little more which is what you are observing in the video.

Thanks a lot for explaining it to me, and responding fast