FIRST Team 2620 Wheel Teaser, You'll like this ;D

Made this video about a week ago, just making it public. I’d give the complete design but it still is in works. Each set up weighs in about 5 lbs so its a bit heavier than your standard wheel, but these get us over the ridge with no problem! We can fly over the ridge at full speed with no issue. Everything is mechanically maintained, having it flip and what not.

That is just plain amazing! If this is perfected, a design like this will traverse the field with ease.

Something I was wondering:

With a design like this, what are the disadvantages, besides the weight?

If they fail once, we are a sitting duck. There is no lifting the bot back up as of yet. Maybe with the bridge pusher downer mechanism we are yet to make, but using that to push 120lbs is unlikely.

What’s the probability that this will happen? I love the design (Don’t worry, we won’t steal it).

Hard to say just yet. We havn’t put any real weight on them yet and latching and everything is changing daily. As of right now, we think we should be fine. Though with more weight pushing down gravity may take effect before the wheels are locked and can support the weight.

Very cool - I love the ingenuity of these students. I could use a few of them around the work place some day!!

Believe it or not, we have no seniors on the team, one junior, three sophomores, and 6 or 7 freshman. We had quite a few seniors last year but they obviously graduated. So you can expect much more from us!

Thanks for the appreciation though, means a lot to the team!

Ya, its got some problems. If the angle on the latch mechanism is too great the latch may let go when we don’t want it to. If the angle is too small the window to reset will be too small & will miss. We are still working on that. But in any event this has been a great learning experience. Some day these kids will rule the world.

Could you actuate a reset by driving against a wall, if you do this do the wheel modules ride up as the torque is transferred from the wheel to the module due to the wheel stall? If this is the case, then you could both reset and deploy them at the same time, as soon as you came into contact with the bump, eliminating the need for a latch, or a lifting mechanism all together.