FIRST Team 334's Teaser Thread- It's good, I promise

Just some pics to get you guys wondering what we’re up to. This is going to be a great year. We’re all really proud of our progress.
Thank you mentors and sponsors. We would be nowhere without you guys.

Just click that link for some nice shots.

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Lots of links for another great season of FIRST robotics.

So now, any guesses as to what we’re up to?
I’ll post more as we get closer to Stop Work Day.

So obviously a long 6wd rocker but only powered by 2 Cims, with the other 2 I’m assuming on your shooter. Also the gap in the electrical board shows me you are picking up from one of the long sides with some tower to the shooter in the center. Pretty close?

I think that you’d have to be crazy to only have 2 CIMS on your drive train.
The drive train needs power. We have to be able to break through the defense. :wink:

My bad I relooked at the first picture and see a third CIM back there (I’m going to assume there’s a fourth I just can’t see it right now) and 2 CIM drivetrains can be successful take a look at 245 (not 254) MSC runner ups. Drivetrain looks really good btw.

I’ll make sure to check them out, however, I doubt my team will ever choose to not use 4 CIMs on the drive train.