FIRST Team 935's Ball Loader Test

Hello again, Delphi! We’ve been hard at work at designing our robot and it is starting to pay off. Check it out for your self at this Youtube link:

Any questions and comments are greatly appreciated! Let’s go KC and Dallas West!

Nice! Are you picking up from both sides?

Have you tried turning with the tank treads yet? If you do could you upload a video? I’ve been interested in them for a while, but to scared to try them on a competition bot for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Turret at the bottom there huh? that seems familiar somehow :wink: great minds think alike.

What motors are you using to run your ball loader. Looks nice we are going with low turret also.

Looks great 935!

Can’t wait to check this out in person. I really wanna check out what gives those balls that little pop out of the collector…and I want to look at your half treads to see how well those work out. On a side note, anyone on 935 who would like to trade for a MMR T-shirt?

I’m curious to know which motor you are using for the pickup. Banebots?