FIRST Team Coopertition

Hi FIRST Robotic Teams

DERT 2040 from Dunlap Ill, is looking for FIRST Coopertition so the 150 teams affected by Hurrican Harvey can compete once again. Some of these schools are the poorest in Texas and have lost sponsorship from their schools and local businesses that are trying to pull themselves out of the damage. Families have lost homes and cars.

DERT 2040 wants to show that FIRST Teams care about other FIRST teams in need.

If **FIRST **Teams collectively come together we can make a difference in their lives.

Just click on the link and you can select any amount. $10, $20 or $30 will go directly into our Crowdrise** account and then directly into the Harvey Fund at Texas First.

Thank you so much for helping out the FIRST teams in Texas.

Laura Pashley and Renee Davie -PR**

For a small fee Crowdrise allows DERT 2040 to “see” if they can make a difference for the teams that are still affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our team has lost sponsors, but it doesn’t compare to what these teams have gone through and still do. Here is a direct quote from one of the teams “… a community based team right here in the heart of where Harvey hit on the southeast side of Houston. In our area, we experienced between 44"-48" of rain. Three out of our five members have homes that were damaged and flooded. We are concerned about the ability to raise funds. It was our goal this year to raise funding for these items as well as our wish list for a competition field as well as the competition elements. However, this does not seem plausible at this time due to the devastating loss all around us. Our team does not feel that we can even ask local folks for funding because of the loss and destruction that so many around us have incurred.”
With build season just around the corner these teams could still use some extra help and support and to know that they have not been forgotten.
If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them. Thank you.

Would you mind elaborating on what DERT would “see” exactly? This is very vague.

Hi Cyberphil
DERT 2040 has lost some sponsors this year but the struggles that we are going through is nothing compared to the teams in Texas. After the hurricane we wondered how we can help these teams, then we saw the Harvey Fund on the First Texas website.This made us think about FIRST Coopertition. Kids helping kids-off the field! DERT 2040 is gathering teams together to help these teams in need. Since we are not a 501©3 team we can’t collect the funds directly to then give to Texas First so we started up the Crowdrise hoping it would show a collective FIRST Coopertition, because it lists the teams that give. All funds go directly to the Harvey Fund. The people at First in Texas are very support in our efforts. Since this happened over a month ago, most of the kids have forgotten that these teams still need help.

This is a direct quote from one of the teams "…lost potential sponsors (businesses are now closed due to storm damage) and fundraising opportunities. Many parents lost wages.”

Thank you for your support and inquires.

Your post seems to emphasize the donations are going “directly” to the Harvey fund and Texas teams, but your own donation site says otherwise. It says that only 20% of donations will go to Texas teams. It says this in multiple places on the donation site. Am I misunderstanding one or the other?

If only a portion of donations go to Texas teams, please edit your original post to clarify that, as it is strongly insinuating that all donations will go “directly” to Texas teams. If this is not the case you probably want to edit the donation page to remove references to the 20% thing.

Oh geez…Thank you for catching that! I saw it on an update photo with our Flying Flamingos. It meant 20% of the funds that we raise for our own team will be donated to the Harvey fund. I will correct that. I can see how that looked confusing.
If you read further on our site it says this…DERT 2040 has released the @flying.flamingos to migrate across the Dunlap School District. This year we are donating a percentage of the funds to the Texas FIRST Hurricane harvey Fund.
Thank you so much for visiting our site.