FIRST Team Discount on Aluminum Extrusion from Paletti USA

One of our team sponsors Paletti USA has agreed to offer a substantial discount to all FIRST teams.

They are the manufactures of structural aluminum extrusion. They have many profiles available. I suggest looking at the 40mm super light profile. It only weighs 1/3 more then the 30mm profile and is over double the strength. A 1m length is about 1.3 kg. They have all kinds of linear systems and bearings. Plus they have a central fastener that is far superior to the Weld nut solution. If that wasn’t enough it is very nice looking and less expensive then its more popular competition. (BTW many of their profiles are compatible with other manufactures profiles.)

Check them out at

Click on the online shop to view the catalog of profiles. I haven’t confirmed the discount with them but it should be 25% or better. I do hope they can help your teams. I would like to support them as much as I can since the have been very gracious to our team.

Contact them at or 215-942-0482. They usually ship the same day you order. They are located near Philadelphia, PA.

Joshua Lynn
TEAM 487
Springfield Township High School Robotics Team

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