FIRST Team in Egypt?

Hey all, I’m a FIRST alum from team 422 in Richmond, VA. I’m going to be in Egypt during kickoff, and i was wondering if there are any FIRST teams in Egypt that i could meet up with. If anyone is on or knows of a team in Egypt, if you could let me know so i could try and contact them that would be awesome. Good luck in 2009 everyone!

A quick search on the FIRST website returns no results for FRC teams in Egypt.

The closest FRC team is in Istanbul, about 1200km.

I guess Israel is much closer :eek:

IIRC there was a thread (like in 2006 maybe?) about a FIRST’esque competition held throughout Asia and the middle-east.

Maybe someone can like find that. It looked cool.

thanks guys. I had looked on the FIRST website and didn’t find any, but i just wanted to make sure. I guess i’ll be watching the broadcast online right before dinner instead.

Also - there are tons of teams in Israel, which is closer than Istanbul. I figured because of the awkwardness between Judaism and Islam would explain why there wasn’t an Egyptian team registered at the Israel regional.

You are more than welcome to the FIRST Israel kickoff, which will be held on Sunday near Tel Aviv. You can get details from Alisha MacIntyre at [email protected]

I think i saw reports of an African team last year, not sure where exactly from…

I once asked members of an Israeli team if they would welcome an arab team to their regional. They said they most definetely would. Isn’t First great?!? I have had some questions from Egyptian students over the years who check in on CD from time to time. There is a robot competition of sorts where teams are given a task to perform. The last one I heard of was traversing an outdoor course over varying terrain in autonomous of 300 meters. The object was to try and get as close to the target location as possible.

There have been two groups from Africa associated with FRC teams.

Team 1188 in Royal Oak and then later Team 1025 in Ferndale have had a 4-year relationship with a group from South Africa. They joined as part of 1188 and 1025. This past year they built a robot in SA, but have not competed independently. They visited Michigan and then accompanied the teams to Atlanta. Due to the high cost of travel, they will now be visiting only every other year.

Another group in Ghana was formed in association with Miss Daisy, and I’m sorry if I’m not remembering this correctly. They may have even registered as an independent team. They were at Drexel in 2006.

Andrew, while there may not be any FRC teams in Egypt, I’m willing to bet there is at least one FLL team in Egypt since FLL is more internationally known & easier for teams to compete in.
Maybe hooking up with one of them to give them some motivation about engineering would be a task you would like to take on?

Just a thought.
Let us know how you make out, even if you are the sole person in that country watching the kickoff!


according to ] there is nothing going on in Egypt at all. A bit of googling found that there is an FLL tournament in Alexandria ] but this would end two days before i arrive, and i won’t be in Alexandria. I couldn’t find anything in Cairo where i’ll be during FRC kickoff.

Also, its great to hear that FIRST can bring together people of such different cultures with such a complicated history of conflict. Maybe the gracious professionalism in the teams could eventually spread to their countries politics. After all, FIRST is about a lot more than robots.

Actually, there have been a lot of Arab teams in First Israel during the years, one even arriving at the Championship in Atlanta. This team is also a most female team, and is quite a story. They are team 1946.

Some of those teams even define themselves as Palestinians…

This year there will be 4 Arab teams in the regional.

i’m from a team in israel and if you want we will be glad if you would come for a visit :stuck_out_tongue:

That is great news! Good luck to all team attending the Israel regional.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!