FIRST team map

Hey guys!

Here’s a link to a Google map where you can add your team location! I think it could be interesting to see where the different teams are located and maybe to discover new neighbors!

PS : Please write your team number and your team name!

Isn’t there usually a form we fill out? One of my friends made one of these for LEGO fans, and we filled out, what seemed to be, a Google Form.

Anyway, I can’t figure out how to add a point.

Well, I didn’t know something already existed for this… :ahh:

Here is how to add a point :

  1. Find the spot where you want it (by searching in the search bar or by zooming…)
  2. Click the icon right under the search bar… It looks like a normal google map tag.
  3. Click where you want it and add your infos!

There is this map that is from 2013.

Although soon it will be outdated. It will be nice to see a new one be made! :smiley:

Already exists for 2014. Can be updated for 2015 to the accuracy of the city listed in TIMS for the team.