FIRST Team Numbers in the Wild!

I don’t know about everyone else, but me and some of my friends get really excited finding a team number somewhere completely unrelated to FIRST. I think that it would be fun if we all had a place to share those moments and pictures of them!

One quick requests though: Please don’t just post a picture random 1-4 digit number. Make sure that it’s a team please :smiley:

I’ll kick it off. I saw this in a Home Depot near my house in an ad for batteries or something.

I’m sorry. I meant to put this in “General Discussion”. Sorry again. (If there is a way for a mod or admin to move this there that would be cool)

Here’s a sign near Cleveland.



When I was in Maui a few years ago I made an album of FRC team numbers I found on license plates. Album can be found here.

Excuse the west coast bias.

The happiest I’ve been about gas prices in a while.

This was back from like May but it was my hotel room number during an out of town soccer tournament. I realized hey that’s Cyber Blue, a team that we interacted closely with during the weeks of competition.

At IRI this year, I got to the hotel before my roommates, when one asked what our room number was I responded with “Beach Bots”. He immediately said “Ok, On my way”.

Alternatively, if the team ever goes out to get food we always compare our order numbers. “I got Wildstang”, or “I have order Robonauts” are common phrases said.

When I was in high school I was blessed with locker numbers 118 and 254 in my freshman and sophomore years.

I feel like I see team numbers constantly. Whenever I see a number that is plausibly a team number, I rack my brain to remember what team it is. I was at a camp last week and one of the buildings’ addresses was Bomb Squad.

They are also a useful way to remember a number. I was reading a book today and wanted to remember a certain page, and I looked at the number and only had to remember Robowranglers.

I had locker 67 at school this past year, and I got a score of 254 on a math test once this past year.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of these things! Followed this truck through the Central Valley today.

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My family had a company renovate the kitchen a few months ago. The trailer they brought had some logos and writing on it, so I went over to it one day and read what it said. I still have no idea how the words “1011 CRUSHin it in Denver” made it onto a trailer in Longmont, Colorado, but it was still a really cool finding.

Also, in the Denver International Airport when you enter the baggage claim, there’s a sign for baggage claims 16-19.

Saw this in May

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Whenever I convert inches to cm I can’t help but think of the great team from CA.




FTFY :slight_smile:

My roomates from last year have the dorm room “254” for next year. Makes it easy to remember if I want to hang out!
SCU is almost right across the street from 254 too.

Before my high school renumbered the rooms, my physics class was in room number 254.

Now this is a proper CD summer thread :).
I be the best example of FRC numbers out in the wild would have to be the Cybergnomes in 2013, people on that team must have loved that year.

Every time anyone mentions anything relating to retro video gaming…

Can you tell my mind’s on that “hint”?