FIRST Team Numbers in the Wild!

If you’ve been in FRC for any reasonable amount of time, you start seeing team numbers in the wild. Every day when the time is 2:54, or 11:14, or 3:30 I just can’t help but notice.

I recently just had an offer accepted on a new house and couldn’t help but get excited about what my new address will be. Might just need to paint it blue…

Let’s see your favorite examples of FRC team numbers in the wild! Throwback to this (now locked) thread from Chit-Chat a few years ago.


The number 834 had huge significance in terms of Obamacare (and general healthcare), an 834 EDI transmission was “a technical, back-end reporting tool that consumers never see. It is meant to be read by computers, not human beings. It’s the form that tells the insurer’s system who you are and what you need.”


My uncle moved out and got his own home recently, and his new address is “1323” (insert street name). First thing my sister and I noticed about the house. His carpet is so soft and clean, its actually insane. You could maybe even say its mad. :slight_smile:


6 years ago on a trip to Hawaii I took pictures of license plates that had team numbers on them:


My license plate is team 107, I also have a large folder of pictures titled ‘107 in the Wild’ ranging from times to temperatures to snap streaks to other random occurrences! For example


Our lead coach’s license plate is 2412 Washington, and our lead mentor’s trailer is 2412 Arizona.


My daughter’s locker number in school was her team number.

And the house they sold last year was at 1114 G…

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Sometimes I see 8:42 on the clock, and it reminds me to call my son. He’s been mentoring them for ten years now.



This haunts me everywhere, no matter where I go. Every time a see a number I see an frc team


Harry potter’s vault number is 687.

We all have teams that are significant to us. Washington and Oregon team number pre-2007 I can’t help but see everywhere.


All products at IFI (VEX, Hexbug, Rack Solutions) are sold under 7-digit part numbers, with the first three digits being a company + product line prefix, with the last four being a unique product ID.

VEX was assigned all 2xx-yyyy part numbers.

Since I was the technical lead on the development of the VEX IQ product line, all VEX IQ products are 228-yyyy part numbers as an homage to my former FRC Team 228, GUS.

VEXpro being 217- was based upon Paul Copioli being from FRC 217.

The VEX 123 248- prefix was based upon the ME on that project being from FRC 148.

VEX GO being 269- was based upon our ME and sales connections to VRC Team 169 and FRC Team 269.

VEX EDR / V5 being 276- has no FRC connection and was merely inherited from RadioShack. :upside_down_face:


My 10 year old sister always says it’s cheesypoof o’ clock whenever its 2:54… She’s been doing it for years


10 years old? I didn’t know what FIRST was until like 13 lol

  1. We were all the rage back in the 80s.

Let’s just say she comes by it honestly. Been going to some form of FIRST events since she was a newborn At age 8 she could match more local FRC teams to their numbers than the rest of my old team combined; I would know, I had a team naming contest at my birthday party. She’s wicked smart, and one of our best scouts too. If you see a 10 year old blondie come up and ask you questions about your robot, it’s probably her lol.


This one might be the most wild.
In Columbus, IN, is Sam’s Club 4926.


I’m a four-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of eight (published) novels and dozens of short stories (so far), and I have FRC Easter Eggs all over the place in my books – every number is an FRC team that I’ve met and/or competed with, and most of the names are tuckerizations of various people I know (with permission if I use their full name), including Libby Kamen (with her henchman Karthik “Big K”) and Akash Rastogi [this typically does not end well for the characters, which people whose names I use know going in… I didn’t ask Karthik for permission because I know he’s not really a fiction guy, so I didn’t use a full name for the character, just enough for those in the know to get a smirk out of it]. As far as numbers, in the Matt Rowley books, for example, at one point he uses WildStang pistols while fighting bad guys in SparX-1126 battlesuits. I’ve used the license plate GOW 1551 in multiple short stories. Etc, etc.

My classroom is 226, and I had a sticker of a hammerhead shark on my doorframe for years before they scrubbed it off this past summer.