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A while ago I noticed that within my team there can sometimes be communication problems, so I began thinking of ways to improve communication. I came up with an idea to have an online team portal, with forums, meeting times, updates, etc. That alone isn’t really anything special, and many teams already have something similar to this, but then again, many teams don’t. I then began thinking that other teams would find something like this useful. Sure they could do it themselves, but many teams don’t have someone with the technical know-how to set something like this up. I did some more thinking, and instead of explaining the process I took to come up with the idea, I’ll just tell you the idea.

In short, here is… THE IDEA:

A FIRST portal for teams that allows greater team communication, through forums, chat, a calendar, a member directory with contact information, etc. This could also be extend to allow better communication between teams, and provide help for rookie teams.

I’m not sure what the best way to do this would be yet, or if its even a good idea, so I am asking you what think about this idea, and if you have any suggestions or concerns.

If you wish to help with this project, or would like to contact me personally, email me, IM me, or look for me in the tigerbolt chat.

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Do you mean a centralized non-team-sponsored place?
Users log into their team’s “Area” with their own forums, [private/public] and their own messaging area, calendar, etc.

Or a software package that they can install on thier own servers?
like PHP-Nuke, or some other CMS.

That’s really what I’m not sure about. Both have pros and cons. Maybe both?

I’m looking for input of what the people want.

This is what my team’s website does for us. If you would like help making a site like this for your team let me know (I will share experience, maybe some code).

PHP and mysql are a must :slight_smile: them things are good stuff.

Thanks for the interest Greg, and thanks for actually responding Brandon.

I’m not sure if you all actually understand what the idea is. What I want to do is either make a centralized place for teams, to allow better communication within their team, and with other teams. Either that, or a non-centralized software package teams could use, like PHP-Nuke, as Brandon said, but specialized for FIRST teams. It may just be some modifications to an opensource groupware package, at least.

Basically, it’s summer and I need a project. I just need to know if anyone would find something like this of any use. If there is enough interest, I would be glad to have any help any of you could offer. I’ve talked to a few people about this already, and they seem to be interested in helping.

If you are reading this, please respond, even if its just a “yes” or “no”.

I also had an idea exactly like this, but never got around to doing it.

I’m interested and I can help write it.

My email is [email protected]

Hey, I’m also involved with this project. If anyone has perl or php experience and would be interested in helping make some of the scripts or knows of any place to download open source scripts from that we can mod, please email me. My email is [email protected] I think we can get this to work real well if we can get a few programmers to split apart the script design cause I know for a fact lots of database manipulation will be necessary. This means lots of work but any help would make it easier for me and we could make even more things for the site. Thanks again anyone that helps us out.

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I completely agree with you on the team communication bit… more than once - er, almost every day - no one had any idea what time there was a meeting, if there was a meeting, etc. Thing is, I set up some forums on my team’s website for this purpose, but no one really visited them. Not sure if it’s my team or if its in general, but thats the one drawback.

As for programming, I’m learning php and mySQL, so I’m game. E-mail me at [email protected]

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