FIRST Team T-Shirt Quilts Available

Team 180 has 2 Very, VERY large quilts that we made to display at the national competition in 1999 and 2000 (I think) that we don’t have any place to store or display, and we would like to know if any teams would like to have them. These were made from team t-shirts donated from teams in attendance at each previous year’s national competition - we haven’t unrolled them in a while but from memory there were over a hundred shirts in each one; I think one is a vertical rectangle and the other a horizontal rectangle. The first one we just got back from FIRST Place this summer and appears to be in good condition, the second one got a little water damage somewhere along the line but looks like it will clean up pretty well.

I can get more detailed dimensions next week, but we would like to throw it out to any teams interested; we’d just ask that you help pay for shipping since they are pretty heavy. If we get too many responses we’ll do it by lottery or something. Our pit is just too small to do anything with them so hopefully someone with more space could get some PR use out of them - they’re pretty cool. I think someone posted a picture of the horizontal one in the “how many first shirts” thread earlier this year. <actually, looking at it I think that is one that team 88 made in a later year>

Please reply back to this thread if you’re interested and we’ll start to work out the details. Thanks.

well my apt at school needs some new decorations… :smiley:

I’ll take care of one also.

I know that 93 would love to have one of them. The history of them would be a lot of fun to show people in Wisconsin. Have to check with lead mentor though i’ll get back to you soon.

That would of been my posted pic Gary.

It’s above the big ol’ FIRST sign.

Man… I wish I had the room for one of these. Just for the heck of it, I’ll say maybe now untill I see the actual dimensions of these and realize that it won’t fit in my room…

Please post Dimensions…:slight_smile:

Ditto. The one from '99 would be of sentimental value to me since I helped make it. =-]

hey gary, very cool… so when am i coming over to pick that up?.. :slight_smile:

What, so you can waive it in Tytus’s face?

Maybe I can trade it for those videos I’m still waiting for from SOAP :wink:

Yeah, me and George sewing a quilt; that was a picture that hopefully got lost. Always good to have those marketable skills though.

I can’t get dimensions until next monday night at the team meeting; going out of town tomorrow. Sorry.

Hey George you think those would fit in Nathans room? :wink: i wish i had teh room but college apartment is only about 950 sq feet i dont think i will get much use out of these. I wish tho

FIRST might want them to hang in FIRST place or the office there…

New goal: If and when Disney and FIRST get back together (when Nats are in Florida again), make a giant tent (for the pits) using FIRST items only (FIRST trash bags, etc…) but mostly team shirts. Imagine the pits being made out of team shirts. Also have some kind of a prize for someone who can name the team and year of each shirt.

we are giving away our quilts --wow–me shocked a bit–but it’s understandable–mr. dillard is right we don’t have the room in our pit so sad----need a big building for them

whoever gets it though i hope they take care of it and keep it nice and all-- hee hee i helped make the 2000 one-- it was fun to do and good times on s.p.a.m. making it

yeah and we just got back the other one from FIRST place don’t think they want it back

enjoy y’all

We would love to have the one from 1999 - that was Cyber Bue’s first season. We could also share it with all of the teams in IndianaFIRST so it could be seen all around Indiana. It can be displayed at the IRI each summer.

Let me know when you decide how to distribute them, and thanks for offering them to teams since you no longer can keep them.

I helped make the second one!!! but that was back before i even knew what FIRST was all about. I can’t believe we’re getting rid of them! I want one! (not really). Just yesterday I had an engineer from our early years ask me about them. it was Mary Ellen Trax, she was on the sewing commitee!

Hey, I’ll be willing to take one of them off your hands and of course make a very nice donation towards your team. Please send me the dimensions and any other vital information. My name is Vincent and you can reach me @


team 233 would love to have the one from 99 - our rookie all star year. we could display at the orlando regional as well as the fll state tournament which we sponsor. keep me posted

So what happened to the Quilts?

Who were the lucky winning teams? :slight_smile:

Well the quilts are still back home in the S.P.A.M. pit. There aren’t any winners just yet. We have to remeasure them since they don’t seem very accurate. Once as we remeasure them, we’ll post the sizes up and then figure how we’ll be doing this grand drawing of the winners.

Do I smell a Fundraiser?

Ebay anyone…?