FIRST Team YouTube Channels?

Hey Teams!

Our team has a YouTube channel and we want to see what other teams are on YouTube!

Please post the url to your YouTube Channel!

The DiscoTechs want to subscribe to your team’s channel!

Here is our url:

Hi there!

Rather just than posting a picture, we thought we could do a whole video to kind of demonstrate what this year’s robot will be able to do. The robot in the video is our LogoMotion robot we call, ‘Wave.’ The programming team has modified it with new stuff to help see what we can and can’t use on the robot for the 2012 competition. It uses gyroscopic and sonar technology to utilize its holonomic mech wheels to their full potential. You’ll know what I mean ->

Though the video is posted on my personal YouTube account, our main YouTube channel is at

Please post comments!
Positive or negative!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s Saints Robotics 1899’s channel:

Here is the URL to 2046 Bear Metal’s youtube page

and here is the URL to our website

FIRST Team 3357, COMETS (Creating Outstanding Minds, Embracing Technology & Science) has a YouTube Channel at

Here is our channel 2240 Brute Force

FRC team 1726 has a rather unique name for our channel on youtube

Here’s the channel for Team Titanium FRC 1986:

Here’s 997:

Spartan Robotics

Team 254’s Youtube Channel

Hey there,

Here’s FIRST Team 3132’s youtube channel :slight_smile: We post up videos of our happenings here in australia.

We are also part of the Five Awesome Robots Project, where we post weekly vlogs (video blogs) of build season with five other teams :slight_smile:

570 uploads and counting on our YouTube channel:

FRIST Team 3132 from Australia, The Thunder Down Under:

Team 228’s channel.

Click an ad on any of our videos! GUS makes a couple of cents!


Hi. If Google was able to find evidence that you encouraged your viewers to click ads, you could be charged with the depletion of your already-gained funds.

I’ve had experience with that with my previous channel.
I took it steady now, and now I have a 1,500+ subscribed channel.

Just a heads up. :slight_smile:

Because of our school’s very odd user policies, we just put our videos on my personal YouTube channel at – and incidentally you can find us on Facebook as Team 1551 as well! (We tried to do Dean’s homework and call it FIRST Team 1551, but Facebook wouldn’t accept the name.)

Team 2851 Crevolution has their own channnel here:

We don’t have any content from 2012 up yet, but we will very soon.
In the mean time, you can see one of our Alumni rap about calculus. <–He accidentally uploaded it to the team account rather than it’s own…

Team 2338 Gear it Forward’s Youtube Channel: