FIRST Teams discount $5 off each Enersys np18-12, call in orders only

For any of you looking to get batteries just before competition I just talked to Battery Universe over the phone and they offered a $5 off discount per battery for FIRST Teams.

**THIS APPLIES TO CALL IN ORDERS THAT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS PART OF A FIRST ROBOTICS TEAM. **(sorry for the caps I just don’t want anyone missing this important fact)

EnerSys Genesis NP18-12B Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Normal price: 69.95
Reduced price: 64.95

Also, they ship from Minnesota so bear that in mind when calculating shipping costs/arrival times.


We just bought batteries from for $ 62.95 and $ 12 flat rate shipping which is pretty good if you buy several batteries at a time.

upstaged again, I wish I knew this about 20 minutes ago :slight_smile:

Am I crazy or is the battery we need selling for $55 on Not $62.95


We got ours for $37.50 each with FREE shipping.
ES17-12 was confirmed to be FIRST legal.


can anyone comment on the difference between last year’s battery and this year’s battery? We have 5 MK ES17-12’s from last year that are dead and won’t take a charge. I have been hesitant to buy exact replacements but half price of the new batteries is significant.

Really Greg? You guys nuked 5 batteries last year? You short them out or something?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you ruined a battery by nuking it, also your microwave will probably be worse for wear.

These batteries started to be used in 2007, they have somewhere between 200-400 charge cycles in them. It is not unusual for them to start wearing out.

Greg, if they were brand new, I would suggest reading <R18> and finding out if they are stored properly and are charged while stored.

Leaving them discharged for any length of time will also kill any lead-acid battery.

Alex, I can’t see how I can get those batteries for that price. What am I missing?


Not sure how Alex did it, but we were only able to get that price on the phone. The MK rep was very helpful and their lead times were short. We had our batteries in less than a week.

Don You can log in with a FIRST ID and password that allows you to get batteries for that price. I’ll try to find the information and post back.


No you are not crazy. I just cannot read. 55 is the quote and bid.

That whole log in system was REALLY sketchy last year. When I did it I could see the names, addresses, and contact information for every single person from FIRST who placed an order last year. I was not comfortable submitting my information to them and ended up calling in the order.

We also received the ~$40 rate last year.


Thanks for the heads up, I know I had our mentors do it. I forget that its just a login, nothing more. We will be calling in this year instead of logging in. Is there anything special you had to say besides your a FIRST team?


That is correct. (1-800-372-9253)

One reason the ES17-12 is cheaper is because it is a 17 a/h battery rather then a 18 a/h battery.

actually the new battery spec is 17.2 A/h

hmmm…so if you round 17.2 you get 18

New math !!

From what I heard, the old batteries were also 17.2AH. They were just labeled 18AH because of “rounding” (aka marketing =P).

Of course, I could be wrong…

Not exactly a scientific survey, but:

We tested all our batteries in perparation for the NJ regional.

All had been fully charged, and allowed to rest 48 hours to bleed off any surface charge. The test was connecting a 1 Ohm, 125 Watt resistor across the battery and reading the voltage at 60 seconds. (We used a main circuit breaker and careful wiring to ensure safety.)

A 2007 and a 2009 battery had an end voltage of 12.46 volts
All the rest (2007/8/9) had an end voltage of 12.25 volts (within 0.03V)
The 2010 battery had an end voltage of 12.16 volts.

To me, it means that the internal construction of the 2010 battery is not as well suited to high current discharge as the MK batteries.

But, of course, a sample size of 1 is not a valid test.