FIRST teams hosting VEX teams?

Metal-In-Motion, team 343 is hosting 5 South Carolina Vex Robotics teams when we go to nationals. In other words, to my knowledge, we’re taking them under our wing, providing food and lodging, and giving them an introduction to FIRST robotics. Are there any other FIRST teams that have started these teams or ‘hosting’ them at the Championship event in Atlanta?

RAGE team 173 applied to host a team but was not accepted into the program. It’s my understanding that FIRST received several hundred applications but only chose 50 VEX teams to pilot the program at The Championship Event in Atlanta.

Is there a list of accepted teams anywhere?

Im not sure, our team 1270 has one Vex team.

If more ppl answer and post there very well may be a comprehensive list of Vex teams on this chiefdelphi thread

Here you can post questions about the kit and stuff
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actually, Red Dragons, team 1270 and Surgeons of Steel, team 541 is helping out the FRV team 26.