FIRST Teams in NURC Documentary

Here is the link to a video produced by Arizona State University, ALT I, about the National Underwater Robotics Challenge and it shows two FIRST teams 1726 and 842 pushing this STEM competition in Arizona. Hope some of you will join us!

It’s great to see FIRST teams popping up everywhere. I would encourage everyone with the resources to participate in the NURC competition–it’s a whole new experience.

And it’s the WATER GAME everyone’s been itching for :wink:

Did you guys like the documentary? I think it has too much of me and cameron, we need to get more footage in this summer and make a better one. Bring your camcorder. Did you see your selves?

Wow this is cool! I really like how it’s in the dark too…

I remember at Buckeye when the field was all screwed up I wanted them to have a completely unofficial blackout match while they were fixing the field for all the teams that had light up things of some kind on their robot. (i.e. Cold Cathodes, segmented LED displays :wink: , etc.) Would have been so cool to have a match in very dim light so you could see all the lights on the robots…

How many teams are in the pool at a time? Do many teams get swamped with water or does tha not happen very often?

Great to see FIRST teams in other robotics competitions!


Each team gets a half hour to complete as many tasks as they can. Each team does it solo. We have been trying to think of a game where several ROVs would have to “cooperate”, but it is difficult to make it fair since there is only one round.

As for leaks and such. It happens and it can be disastrous. We will operate in 10 feet of water so ROVs can be “tested” rater easily. Everyone has access to a pool someplace. For two years we competed at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at the Johnson Space Center. It is 40 feet deep. We would build our ROB and test it in a regular pool, but we could not find a place where we could test at 40 feet. Quite a few ROVs had leaks or buoyancy problems at the competition due to the increased pressure.

The darkness does give it a great feel. Also competing at night until 4-5 in the morning with all the pizza and other activities makes it a really coll party!

The "night " game would be cool.
As to the swamping, yes some bots do get leaks!