FIRST Teams Needed for Freescale Technology Forum in Orlando

Hey Teams!

I’m looking for an interested team in the Orlando, FLA area to join National Instruments and Freescale to talk about FIRST at the Freescale Technology Forum June 16-19 in Orlando. We would like to have some team members from a local FIRST team to join NI in our booth where we’ll be demoing the new FRC control system. Spectators will have LOTS of questions about FIRST, and we feel the best way to spread the word is to hear it from you guys!

…plus this will give you a chance to get additional exposure to the control system, and exposure to some of the developers of the system!

If your team is interested, please contact Danny Diaz at frc [at] ASAP.


You should PM Wendymom on CD. They never stop working. =)

Exploding Bacon is ready,willing and at your service. Just give me the details and tell me where to show up!

OMG, you guys are blazing fast. I would be honored to have Exploding Bacon join us at FTF!

I’ll PM you with details.


Danny, get ready to have a lot of crazy fun…:slight_smile: