FIRST TeamSpeak


I am new to Chief Delphi and I love the forums because I play a MMORPG called Runescape, and I use forums all the time. Point being that in the game a few friends of mine that know each other IRL (in real life) decided that they could pich in some money for a TeamSpeak server. TeamSpeak is, “TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet,” and is a great program to use to communicate.
Anyways I wanted to know if any of you would actually use the program if there was a server at leasure for us Robot peoples, to talk and pretty much do an, AOL Messenger or MSN Messenger thing except just by talking.

By the way TeamSpeak, (TS) is a compatible with PC’s and Mac and it is recomended that you have atleast some speakers so you can listen even if you can’t talk.


PS. In the game I play I met a frined who uses this Program and who lives in NJ and is a robonaut. I found that out a few days ago too. :slight_smile:

You could just use Google Talk as well.

We had a teamspeak server back a few months ago, or rather had a room on a server that I was part of.
For a few months there were a few people in there each night.
Perhaps the biggest problem is that, unless everyone is doing the same thing (playing a game) the topic of conversation runs out. The nice thing about IRC or AIM chats is that people chat talk at their own leisure.

Anyway, if you start one, you’ll probably see me there from tine to time.