FIRST: The Pi Conspiracy

I don’t know, I’ve had pizzas cut irregularly like that.

GR, I’ve been thinking the same thing…I used 413 to remember the order of the pieces this year, from the driver’s point of view.

I agree, Tau is way better. It makes several formulae much nicer!

We were still working on inventing fire, didn’t have time to think about math yet.

Because you put together 3 things that could come from anywhere, i would say that this is probably not a conspiracy. Now if you could find Pi to say… 3.141592 in that order hidden in the logo, then maybe it is a conspiracy.
Although even if you did i still don’t see how this is a conspiracy. If Dean Kamen tried to cover it up yes but i don’t remember him saying anything about a secret spyplane in the logo…

Since nobody else has done so yet. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution towards fire. Though many people overlook this, I appreciate your hard work to allow me to have a warm home.

Thank you,

Notice he only said they were “working on” fire; instead they came up with Magic Smoke.

…and for that, we thank him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, after I got fire done I directed my attention to other matters.

The next invention was squares and cubes. After a while I taught some people how to stack cubes. Problem was they stacked them in tall triangular shapes in the desert, and across the Americas too.

They had a real tough time moving those big cubes so I figured I could invent a circle. Once I had the circle it wasn’t too hard to invent the wheel. Once that was done it got a lot easier to move the cubes. The triangular part just fell out of the whole exercise.

Then Archimedes came along and sorta ran off off with the whole cube triangle circle thing. Just saying’

One day I’ll have to tell you about bronze…

I’m glad someone posted the video that explains the logo. Dean’s ‘favorite principle’ of Archimedes lives on in the logo, designed by his father.

It makes me proud to see that spirit in the students who just doodle and think and wonder about all the little things like this :slight_smile:

As Jane said - doodle on.

This is quite interesting… I love to hear math bantered about.
One thing though… Archimedes did not “invent” nor “discover” Pi
The relationship between a circle’s circumference and its diameter was well known by his time… The Babylonians knew of it… and the Eqyptians… among just a few

The value the Babylonians used was 3 and 1/4
and the Eqyptians used 256/81

Most commonly 22/7 was used.

Archimedes was a genius by any standard but he did not discover Pi.
He did use it to remarkable effect though…

Oh and Mr. Barker… We Mayans have this thing we came up with… kinda round and “wheely” looking
So far we only use it on toys… can’t find any other uses yet… still working…


Is PIzza and PI a naming conspiracy?

pi is a beautiful transcendental.

The FIRST logo elements triangle, circle, and square, are projections of three interesting solids – a cone with the same diameter and height, a sphere of that diameter, and a cylinder of that diameter and height. Volumes of these three solids are in 1:2:3 proportion, as discovered by Archimedes. (see the attachment)

A few years ago, I made a demo for the Cork Plug teaser: find one solid object that will completely plug holes of the shapes used in the FIRST logo. Volume of the (maximal) cork plug is more than that of the cone, and less than that of the sphere.

Mysteriously, pi keeps popping up in these formulae …:wink:

archimedes.pdf (9.26 KB)

archimedes.pdf (9.26 KB)

(in your best english italian accent)

So what’s a matter wid u ?

You never heard of the “PIzza PIe” ?

Of course PIzza is a PIe, dat’s why it’z a Round !! If you didn’t have a ‘PI’ then you couldn’t have a 'PIzza"


Here is a book I would love to recommend in this thread:

He is a bit tough on religion, but that was only because religion was a bit tough on Math and Science at times.

Overall a very fun book.

(in your best english italian accent)

So what’s a matter wid u ?

You never heard of the “PIzza PIe” ?

Of course PIzza is a PIe, dat’s why it’z a Round !! If you didn’t have a ‘PI’ then you couldn’t have a 'PIzza"

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:
No I did not heard of such a recipe.

Clearly, your robot has not broken down frequently enough…

This looks fascinating, I’ll have to look for it at my library. I guess I can count on CD for nifty reading material!

Haha, believe me, it has, but I need something to occupy my mind with while off-season!