FIRST Theme Songs

As some may recall, Dean brought two FIRST Theme songs to the 2006 premiere Boston Regional. Aside from then, Championships, and a few off-season events, I don’t think I’ve heard them played anywhere else. [strike]I can’t find the links now, but I will reupload them tommorow if I can’t navigate the new FIRST website (who can?).[/strike] They are at the bottom of this page, courtesy of Art Dutra and Team 228. You can see a former discussion on them here.

Now, I know people are generally very annoyed by these two songs (the reason for it being my ringtone during competitions), but I would like to hear them played more often during regionals. Most people associate loud techno/rock with regional events, and it would be nice to have a few single songs that define “FIRST” during events, similar to what “Welcome to the Jungle” does for football games. And if you don’t agree with these two songs, make your own, or propose lyrics for one before you start bashing these. I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of them, and one does sound like an Outback Steakhouse commercial, but they are something.

So come on, what are your thoughts?

I really like the idea of FIRST theme songs, but I’m not too happy with the choices. They seem a tad cheesy to me. (Kinda off topic but I’d prefer something more like Robot Parade by They Might Be Giants). But I do agree that FIRST should have something that defines us, that we can kick off each competition with.

I dunno, I’ve heard Sirius by Alan Parsons Project at every single event I’ve ever attended, sometimes to kick off the first match of the day, but almost always at some point during the finals introductions. For me, that song is FIRST.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC usually kicks off the eliminations at most competitions, I think of FIRST most times I hear it.

If these song’s “define” FIRST them I’m going to leave. They leave way too much to be desired, they’re poorly written and poorly composed. I’d rather them find another song that defines FIRST that doesn’t DIRERCTLY refer to FIRST nor it’s goals. “Welcome to the Jungle” has nothing to do with football, so why should ours have to pertain to FIRST? Get something that pumps people up, they look forward to, and sets the mood. The songs released last year sure as hell don’t.

I still say The Mission by Rush is ideal.

Everytime this topic comes up, I think of the song that the Bomb Squad (16) made a few years ago. I found it again here:

PS I think that the last line is in there for Travis.

I mean… seriously…

There was a radio delay between the elimination rounds in UCF; and guess what they played…
Video of White n Nerdy by Weird Al
I think it was a perfect song to kick off the audience for the semi-final match, and everyone enjoyed it.


I still link many songs I’ve heard over and over against at events to events. These songs have nothing to do with FIRST. “Welcome to the Jungle” has nothing to do with football. “Enter Sandman” has nothing to do with Virginia Tech, yet it is played at the start of every VT home football game (and even during some basketball ones as well now).

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Thunderstruck is probably the most identifiable song for FIRST to me.

Since basically everyone here seems to hate the FIRST songs from last year (myself included, though they make a good ringtone when the rest of your team hates it too):
What is the most identifiable song for FIRST to you?



I have the two FIRST “theme songs” archived on 228’s website. They are at the bottom of our 2006 Document Library page.

Low Rider is the only song that when I hear it outside of a FIRST competition I laugh. All I can think of when I hear it is back in the day when my sister Pam was on the team Nashua’s(team 151) robot was a low rider so every match the song would be played.

Thats the most identifiable FIRST song to me.

I believe that the “officially” theme song of FIRST is that techno song that they play at every event.

That would be Sandstorm, by Darude. :wink:

Thunderstruck is the most identifiable (remember 2006, when Thunderchickens walked on to Einstien and it started up? EPIC!)…but imagine how much sweeter the competitions would be with some…EuroBeat!

The Initial-Douche link in my sig is an example of it. I think i might just bring a CD to Vegas just in case i can slip it to the DJ…

Thank you Art. Although there is universal consent they are pretty [strike]awesome[/strike] awful, I’m adding the link to my original post.

Over the last 11 years that I have been around FIRST there is no song that I identify more with FIRST than “Cotton Eyed Joe.”


true that. 2007 has also been the year of weird al’s “white & nerdy.” (i heard it at least 10 times over the 3 days at the Florida regional… and many times at the Florida Vex competition) no other song fits robotics people so perfectly… there’s even the segway. :smiley:

now what comes to my mind is ICE ICE BABY by vanillia ice , because it was the first song played during hte VCU regionals 1/4 finals and i remember because it was our first win. also livin on a prayer by bon jovi comes to mind , because it was the first song that i heard when i went into the GA dome last year at championships