FIRST Theme Songs

The Devil Was A Nerd In High School - Tim Wilson :smiley:

I don’t think that FIRST really needs a theme song. They already play a load of songs at regionals(too much for my tastes). If they had a theme then they would be playing it about every hour. Do you really want to listen to the same song hourly for three days? I believe that this would annoy most listeners eventually.

white and nerdy definatly

FIRST Robotics…
FIRST Robotics…
Coming down, to save the future yeah,
Gracious Professionalis is the only way yeah,
Greed and Selfishness your game is through cause now your gonna have to answer to,
We’re kickin in the door, and changin the culture,
Science and Technology are the key to the future,
it’s the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow


Dean Kamen, FIRST YEAH!
Woodie Flowers, FIRST YEAH!
Sportmanship, FIRST YEAH!
Team givaways, FIRST, YEAH!
Tigerbolt FIRST Chat, FIRST YEAH!
Kickoff, FIRST YEAH!
Chief Delphi, FIRST YEAH!


Mountain Dew, FIRST YEAH!
Disney world, FIRST YEAH!
Team buttons, FIRST YEAH!
Andy Baker, FIRST YEAH!
Rookie All Star, FIRST YEAH!
Taco Bell, FIRST YEAH!
Dewalts, FIRST YEAH!
All nighters (FIRST yeah, FIRST yeah)

Chairman’s Award, FIRST YEAH!
Band-aids, FIRST YEAH!
Off Seaon events, FIRST YEAH!
Pre ship Scrimmages, FIRST YEAH!
Regionals, FIRST YEAH!
Dave Lavery, FIRST YEAH!
Ship Night, FIRST YEAH!
Water game (water game)
(first yeah, first yeah)
Cotten Eyed Joe
Red Herrings

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Sandstorm IS the first theme song… They play it every 5 seconds… Especially at the beginnings and ends of events… I looked up “Sandstorm” on google, and got the lyrics…

A friend of mine and I had to actually specially request it for it to be played at Palmetto.

I think they only played it once, but I could be wrong. I wasn’t exactly always listening to the music, but I have the feeling that I would have figured it out from the emotion of those around me.

And I would just begin to dance, as well. :wink:

EDIT::I thought I would add that they decided to play the slowest and most depressing song they had at the last qualification match at Palmetto…with us, 34, and 1618 on one alliance. It was by far, the most depressing match I had ever seen. Our transmissions had been destroyed in the previous match, and due to wiring issues, it would not drive straight for the life of it. 1618 fell over early on in the match, barely thirty seconds in to it. 34 had their flag capped by one of the human players, and was of course unable to score for the rest of the match. So, in conclusion, I must say, a shout out to the volunteers who choose these songs, sometimes they’re right on! :slight_smile:


“Remember The Name” Fort Minor…it’s in all the other sports competitions and honestly, the chorus sticks in my head at competition all the time. “…50 percent concentrated power of will…”

how about this one ?

Did anyone happen to catch the song our team sang at West Michigan. You have to admit, that was funny.

ice ice baby it is … my team mentor and i ended up rapping that the championship karoke!

Does anyone know what the name of the song that they played in the intro video at the regionals?

Bhat song and by who?? Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Armin van Buuren?

I think I can find a song out of my 8 gigs of music by these artists. :cool:

On another note, I like that “Enter Sandman” and “Welcome to the Jungle” or “TNT”.


Yes, I have over 10 gigabytes of techno music on my computer!

“Iron Man.”
Or, as we are the Olympics of the Robot World, “Summon the Heroes” by John Williams.
Or if you really want to rouse the crowd, “One Day More” and “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Miserables.
To be continued…

I feel that, especially in the eliminations, good DJing can really make a big difference at an event. The sound of “Thunderstruck” playing as the final match began on Einstein this year made me jump up and down even more than I was already. It’s a significant part of the experience.


How about BT - Beleiver

Great song, I second it.

Now for some fun filled trivia.

In the movie “Go” that the song you put up is referencing, the number of the house the sting is held at is 237. Good stuff. :smiley:

And on an unrelated note (kinda) BT is not a stranger to hollywood, nor to most people reading this, as they did many songs from the first Fast & The Furious movie, most recognized would be Race Wars* during the race scenes in the Desert and the party when the crew left to cause some trouble with the truckers.

And that has been your BT history lesson for the day.
Class dismissed! :slight_smile:

*Not an official music vid, or even a clip from F&TF, but the song is the one from F&TF 1.

I got Race Wars on my iPod.
Madskillz would be a great choice if it didn’t use profanity.