First time 3DExperience issues - help getting ability to use "CAD"

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get access to xDesign in 3D experience? None of our members have access, we only have things like 3DDrive and 3DSpace.

I assume we need the “3D Creator” role assigned or something like that based on searching the web, but none of us (including the lead mentor that submitted the sponsorship spreadsheet) have a “My Company” tab where we could request or assign roles.

We haven’t used the Solidworks cloud ecosystem before this, and were hoping to try it out for our students to be able to work at home and at school, but so far this has been just frustrating.

You need to apply for the sponsorship and use the latest Solidworks 3DExperience Platform Help

We did apply for the sponsorship, that was the spreadsheet I mentioned above.

@mplanchard you seem to be the expert. Do you have any suggestions?

Where are you in the process.

Did you get an invitation email?

In the invitation email there is a Link.

your initial dashboard opens. Click center of Compass.

This should give you the xApps xDesign xShape……

3DCreator is a commercial role. In education we have a role called 3DDesigner. This roles contains the connector to desktop SOLIDWORKS.

I have 3 emails that seem to reference an invitation:

6/8 from Dassault Systèmes [email protected]: Invitation
6/8 from Support.3DSEdu [email protected]: Invitation to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: SOLIDWORKS Cloud for FIRST
6/23 from Support.3DSEdu [email protected]: Invitation to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform : First Robotics Competition

That first one included text that said “Vaidehi PANCHOLI invites you to join Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform DS Challenges - Sponsorship - USE2.”

I do not have any of those xDesign, XApps. My only Roles are 3DSwymer and ENOVIA Collaborative industry innovator.

Please send me your 3DEXPERIENCE ID - email address and team name and your name on application.

Use my work email address [email protected].

I will get this sorted out.

Thank you. Marie

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Thank you! Email sent.