FIRST TIME USING C++, Need help!

We are team 2670 and this is our first year running C++, We used labview last year, however I had graduated from highschool and now helping the team. The students left over decided to use C++ as they are quite versed in the language. However we really need help since they don’t know anything with regards to programming the robot. Now we have been able to use the simple robot template.

However, the problem is the robot template only provides the basic function, autonomous/teleop structure. We have no clue how to program the dashboard, or anything like that. So really, what I’m asking is: What EXACTLY do we need as the basic setup for coding our robot? So we are able to have the MyRobot.ccp program, however the other examples are just a mess. The other examples have dashboard files etc. It’s too confusing.
Anyway, so we would like to create a NEW empty project, and all we know is to create a MyRobot.ccp program. Do we need anything else, such as a “dashboard.ccp” file?

Another problem is that when we would like to use example programs, when we build the project, the .OUT file does not become produced, and that restricts us from downloading it onto the cRIO. I’m guessing that the example files are just templates and they would have to be coded into our MyRobot.ccp file. Is that right? or would we be able to test only the Example files and that we are having a problem with making the .OUT file?

Now the last problem, rather it’s really the sole problem, is getting the camera to work. I’ve read other threads about dashboard not being updated and such. I am positive it HAS been updated. The problem is that we can’t get it to show on the dashboard. Is the camera suppose to AUTOMATICALLY show up on the dashboard? or are we suppose to put in code to make it show up? This would then go back to the last two problems, how would we code the dashboard, and when we use the example file it just doesn’t make the .OUT file so we can’t put it on the cRIO.

Please help us out! we are VERY behind, we are still working on prototypes on the robot and help would be very much appreciated!

I can help you with the .OUT part,

go here:

And follow the steps on page 39, called “2.8.2 How to build and load a C/C++ program” Follow that down a few pages, and make sure you do EVERYTHING correctly, otherwise it will not work. After you go through these steps you should be able to download code onto your cRIO.

we’ve done that, or I think we have, Thanks for the help! I will ask the students if they’ve done EVERYTHING. However I am quite sure we’ve done most of the things as I was there to witness it. The only ones that was not done was Section 11 concerning the I/O module since we may not even use anything other than the joystick. Now, about the .OUT file, we have followed the steps EXACTLY under the “How to build and load a C/C++ program”. The problem is that for the examples OTHER than the simple robot template, there doesnt seem to be a .OUT file made AFTER building the project. When we build the project and select the file to download to robot, the .out file isn’t found!

You are going to have to browse through the folders it instructs you to then, and go with your custom made file names.

So it would look like this:

C:\WindRiver\workspace\Name of your file\PPC603gnu\DefaultRobot\Debug\DefaultRobot.out

We have, like its not under the gg3emu folder or w.e it’s called(sorry can’t remember). It’s not in that folder which is INSIDE the NEW example project created. I’m wondering is it suppose to do that? Are we suppose to take code from the template itself and code it into our main robot project?

Yea, its no where to be found. no .OUT file at all. But it works for the Simple Robot Template. Just not some of the other examples, such as the 2010vision demo

Did you compile the project? If it was successful it should have given you a path to the .out file created on the last line. If it doesn’t choose rebuild.

For instance on my project is building Sidewinder/Debug/Sidewinder.out
it’s target is C:/WindRiver/workspace/Sidewinder/PPC603gnu/

So the path is: C:/WindRiver/workspace/Sidewinder/PPC603gnu/Sidewinder/Debug/Sidewinder.out

Yes, when we compile it, it does give us the target to the ppc603gnu folder, however its still not in there.

You might need to go into the section of the project properties that tells which targets to build. If you have the wrong one you won’t have what you need. Use PPC603gnu. It’s the only one you need to build.