FIRST to be on the Disney Channel: I Need Suggestions

That’s right. FIRST will be on the Disney Channel on their “Amazing Kids” segment. It isn’t much - a 30 second short between shows. There will be 10 people interviewed total.

I have been asked to do an interview, and hopefully I will be able to talk about what I want to talk about. Since I am representing FIRST, I want to know what FIRST wants me to talk about :slight_smile: . There are no guarantees, but I will take suggestions. I may have more details by the end of the week (hopefully). I will not be able to get to everything; it is only 30 seconds.

My ideas so far:

  • How FIRST is not battle bots
  • The meaning of FIRST
  • Personal experiences (why I joined, what I have gained)
  • The impact of FIRST

Again, I am open to suggestions :slight_smile:


Man, thirty seconds… that’s awesome that it’s going on TV, but that really sucks.

It’d take a whole lot more than 30 seconds to give a semi understandable explanation of what FIRST is, let alone all those other things.

A little off-topic did anyone ever see that FIRST movie that DIsney did in 2002 with Noah Wyle? Was it any good?

There was a FIRST movie? :ahh:

Someone split this topic now please, before it gets to be about that, and not the original intent.

Anyways, 30 seconds… hmmm…

5-10 seconds: "Welcome to the GA Dome <various shots of robots, and crowds>
5-10 seconds: Explain What the acronym FIRST stands for.
There goes (more than) half your segment.

No chance of an extension?

Whoa, FIRST Movie? Say Again? Anybody have a name??

[edit]Oops- sorry Elgin.[/edit]

30 seconds? I say go for the acronym and the point really fast and show robots and stuff.


Was that “Finding Robo” ?

I believe all of the tapings are local - the phone number I got in the e-mail was a Southern California number. It’s too late (as far as I know) to have any footage of Championships (it is a shame). There will be 10 segments of 30 seconds (if I understand this correctly), 1 of which is me. I doubt I can get an extension, but I will ask.


Do you know who the other 9 are?

If so, you all could coordinate, so that one person explains what FIRST is, one explains it’s benefits, etc etc. until you cover everything you wanted to.

No I don’t. One other person will be from around here. When I contact the director I will ask him. The e-mail I got sounded like they wanted to focus on me, but I feel that is the wrong route to take.


I would make it a big point to mention how FIRST needs corporate sponsorship/partnership and funding.

Also, that quote (I think it was by Cory?) that went something like “this is the only program where $6000 can change a group of students lives forever” would be good to use. You’d have to refine it from the way I worded it from my fading memory.

The issue I have with that is I don’t think corporate sponsors would be watching the Disney Channel :slight_smile: . You never know, I guess…

point out that this is something that kids (and adults) can get involved in now. make sure that this isn’t just ‘something cool that they saw on TV the other day’. unlike monster garage or pimp my ride (for example), this is something that they could be involved in tomorrow.

Tell the people watching about how cool it was for you for the first 20 seconds with a voiceover with FIRST video of the bot in action. Then tell the people watching about how they can get involved.

Wet their appetite then feed it. Then the 9 other interviews would be very similar format only with differernt footage and stuff about what first meant to them. But always end with that “to find out more, go to” tag line. Eventually enough wow factor will make people actually visit the site, FIRST can take it form there :slight_smile: Good luck with the interviews!

I was playing with my little sister when this came on and i just stopped and gasped. I couldn’t believe it! Man, that was freaking sweet. Great job!

I didn’t even know it was going to be on. Is there a digitized clip online somewhere?

Even more off-topic…

While I didn’t find that particular movie on the IMDB, for whatever reason I did a search on Woodie Flowers, and he was the host of Scientific American Frontiers on PBS for 3 years, from 1990 to 1993!

The show is still on today with new episodes, but the more amazing thing is PBS has archives of every show. If you look back in the archives back to that 1990-1993 period, you can watch our friend Woodie as the host of the show! I’m watching an episode called “High Rollers” from 2/12/1992, where Woodie went skydiving! (In the PBS archive, search for “roller coaster” and it’s the last one that comes up).

Yeah Marc, you don’t remember that was a question I got at FIRST Jeopardy @ Battlecry like… one week ago?

Unfortunately, no. I signed a contract saying I could not share it outside of the comfort of my own home “in the universe in perpetuity” (yes, exact words). They can’t even tell me when it airs, so you will probably just have to watch for it.

What really made me mad was that I couldn’t even mention FIRST by name. I did get to talk about Dean Kamen for a little bit, but it was way too centered on me (I couldn’t do anything about it).

hey guys I was just saw the 30 second clip. :rolleyes: I was channel surfing. :rolleyes:

some kid was preety much the focus of it

any way just wanted to tell you guys