FIRST Top Site - Still Being Maintained?

I signed up on about a week ago and put the image code on our website. However, it’s been a week and two emails for support later and still not ranked. First, I’d like to apologize if I sound like I’m out to get pageviews and visitors but on the contact page it does say “Someone will respond within the next 24 business hours.”

Anyone have news on them? Are they lacking support? Do they need help?


I’m not sure about this year, but last year it was being maintained and my team’s site was added quickly. I would give them sometime to respond, you should keep in mind that it is the start of build season and all of the admins there are probably really busy.

That’s why I submitted prior to the kickoff, expecting some type of delay. Also, wanted it to count the large amounts of traffic that tend to hit our site on and after kickoff., the site I submitted, was approved (and we’re #7!). Looks like they’re still going!