FIRST Topsite

Seeing as the old FIRST topsite no longer works, my team has created a new one. It is at

Depending on if the old topsite starts working again this may be a temporary solution.

Seeing as the old topsite is not back up and week 2 for build season is all ready over, I think that this new topsite might be more of a permanent solution. (at least for this year)

Or instead of teams having to go through and re register, why not restore the old topsite and just donate.

$500 is not a lot when people pool their money together.

Multiple people offered dedicated solutions to FIRST Topsite, and nobody has heard from them since. I don’t have a job, but even if I did, I think I’d rather see them attempt to take up an offer from someone in the community before donating. It’s not that I’m against donations, but they’re trying to buy a dedicated (or VPS or whatever it is) just for one site. Come on, we can be a little bit more efficient than that.

Ya, but as said above, why pay for a completely new server when we already have a solution that won’t cost us any additional money.

I just updated the buttons so they comply with the FIRST logo rules.