FIRST Training Site Directory

Hello Everyone,
For my team, next year is going to suck. We will only have one senior and seven juniors (including myself) who barely know what we’re doing. Last year, mentors spent time for presentations on different topics such as programming, pneumatics, mechanics etc. In my opinion this method was very ineffective (it was way too boring and most of us were dozing off). I’m hoping for a new method of training during pre-season next year.
FIRST Training Videos sounds like a nice idea, but I don’t know when it will be ready:

So, instead I want to make a directory of all websites pertaining to the construction of a Robot

Topics include:

Drive System
Arms / lifts
How to manage a Project
Basic electronics/wiring
Sensors, control, programming
C Programming
FRC Strategy
Business plan/ fundraising
Team Organization
Team Spirit/Gracious Professionalism

In addition:
Website (HTML etc)

The sites do not have to be from teams involving FIRST. Sites that discuss the similar systems are welcomed (Lego League, Battlebots, etc.)
Recommended Books would also be nice.

Here are the sites I have right now:

Robot Curriculum from Carnegie Mellon University:

BattleBot Building Tips: Battle Robot Tips

The RobotMarket Place (Motors and Books):

Anyone have any sites to recommend?

I recommend
On it we have MOEmentum: FYI First- Year Infobase
Also we have MOE U
MOE U was started in 2000 our first year, since MOE isn’t from just one high school, 12 in total, we needed a place where each student can learn about being on FIRST before build started. It is taught by our mentors and even senior students on things from website to drive train and the major one is safety.
We try to keep the classes from being boring by having them mostly all hands on, a great way to keep kids interested and awake is to make them do something.

I love the idea of a video teaching class, that could be a great way to keep interest

There’s some good stuff here

the moe site is impressive for beginning teams

Well we did not really know what to do in the beginning at all, so we did it the fun way, during build season we played with different parts. We experiemented with the parts and made different things with only the FIRST guides. The pneumatics was the most fun, we had no clue, but now we know alot about it! Lol, and we just hooked it up and played with it until we got it right. As for programming, well our programmer didn’t have any experience, he just kinda picked up the program and played with it. I know he did do some of the C++ in 21 days book, but didn’t complete, and he can compile sufficient code now. Well i guess just playing with the equipment is the best way to learn, but after proper reading of the dangers that could happen. Injuries are likely, so to avoid them read the safety guides.

:yikes: Playing with pneumatics??
Playing with parts do provide a serious hazard. Thats why I prefer to educate the members before we try anything new and potentially dangerous.