FIRST Tribute/Recruitment Video!!!

So i was bored and decided to make a composite video as a tribute to FIRST. When i was done i realized that it could be used as a recruitment tool (say while some one is talking to a group of students as a background video) and i wanted to share it :slight_smile:

Ive created a mini-site for it on my server where you can watch it or download it. Mini-Site Link

Ive also posted it on YouTube just to get it more noticed:

All of the video footage was either shot by me or a student or taken from various FIRST archives.

its a good video but im having a bandwidth problem or something when viewing the minisite, it keeps stopping for a second while the bar at the bottom says it is already buffered

hmm, what browser are you on?
also i could be getting a lot of traffic on one of the sites that i host…

firefox 3

hmm ive had some issues with Firefox 3 but only when there’s over like 50 tabs open, but other then that its probably just a lot of traffic, try the youtube one it might work better

the youtube one worked fine, thanks

np :slight_smile:

Well since its been almost two weeks since i first posted this, i would like to know what everyone thought about the video and the idea of using it as a recruitment tool. Thanks…

I think it is pretty good. I know I can not do it. What program did you use to edit that?

It seems kind of like half a FIRST promo and half team video footage. There are a few scenes that are a little long to be looking at the same thing for so long, but that is only in a few places.

Good job, I wish I knew how to make and edit videos.

Thanks :slight_smile: I used Adobe Premier Pro CS3

Yeah the misc team footage was used basically for filler, which is why there are long drawn out parts and i didn’t have a whole lot of footage to choose from, lol.

I’m planning on getting a lot more footage from the San Diego regional this season and putting togeather another video or two with some interviews with students and teachers/mentors during the event.

I really liked the beginning, great job! I agree that towards the end it slowed down a bit. My team and I are working on building a website that will both promote FIRST to other schools and also serve as a community for those already involved in FIRST. The site is Check it out and add your video if you’d like.

I recently made this FIRST promo video using Sony Vegas (trial version) and really liked it. The trial version is fully functional for a month (I think), it’s worth downloading and giving it a try.


Very nice vid. I just downloaded it.:smiley:
For all you videographers out there.