First Try!

We discovered a new noodle strategy (or a newdle strategy if you will). Then we had a mentor try to replicate what the students could do. The results?

I don’t know whether this is a joke, or an actual idea. If it is the latter, then in my opinion I don’t think it would work, as the actual stack and container would be too far away for accuracy and precision to good enough for a viable strategy.

i think it is a good strategy if you can get the robots to PUSH the noodles to the zone where they can collect points for being there. but all in all i thin kit will either make the game perfect or it will be your disaster.:smiley:

Just for reference, that was a 6 tote stack with a container on top sitting on the scoring platform while those noodles were being thrown from the human player station over the wall. It was a legitimate idea, implementation was…not so great.

As a real strategy, you might have better luck having two RC’s laying side by side.

Only if you don’t mind not getting points for it.

You’d probably have better success with tethered quadcopters stuffing noodles into RCs:p :

Ha! Love it.