[FIRST TV] TwitchCon Preshow with Libby and Shado_Temple TONIGHT 7pm EDT

For those of you out there who watch Twitch, you know that we’re coming up on TwitchCon 2018 this weekend! Tonight’s show gathers some FIRST alumni who are now professionally involved with Twitch as we talk about the upcoming convention. Come watch us hereat 7pm EDT!

The show will be hosted by Alex Herreid, Software Engineer for FIRST Robotics Competition, with guests Libby “Askesienne” Kamen Drost and Erik “Shado_Temple” Lawrence. We’ll be talking everything Twitch and TwitchCon!

Also, stay tuned for this Saturday, where we’ll be doing a LIVE show from the convention center floor!

See you in chat!

Awe, some of my favorite people all together!

Can’t wait to watch!