FIRST Twitch Archives


Does anyone know where I can find the livestreams for this past years competitions? I went on Firstinspires on twitch and it seems like most of them (of all the ones I checked anyway) only had archives from 2020 and before.



You won’t find them on Twitch, since they now delete the streams after a very short time. It’s about copyright for music that’s played during competitions. You can, however, find most of the cut-down match videos on the official FIRST YouTube channel, especially in the Playlists section that divides them up by competition.

I wish first used youtube instead of twitch. I think YouTube has shown itself to be the superior platform by now. Although the copyright issue exists for both platforms.


Is there any official reason why not? Or a reason not to even use both?

There’s some good discussion on the topic here:


So if I understand correctly there’s currently no way to see what happens between matches as of now?


If you didn’t personally archive the full stream real-time or while the recording was available (usually less than a week), or you can’t find someone else who did, you are out of luck.

Oh alright, that’s pretty unfortunate :frowning:

To avoid having to store and manage 60-70 GB full-day stream files, I like to create “extended-cut” clips around my team’s matches. These capture load-in, team intros, match play, any candid shots of the drive team or the team cheering in the stands, score reveal, any fun commentary by the emcee or game announcer, and load-out. I usually make a clip of alliance selection as well. There are always times I wish I had all of it to look up something specific outside those clips, but the extended cuts capture more than 95% of things the team is interested in going back to view.

Yeah those are what I’m looking for but it’s too late :sob:

If there are a few specific events you are looking for, you might want to ask if anyone recorded them. No idea if you’d find your events, but it seems worth a try to see if someone has them and is willing to provide access.