[FIRST Updates Now] Premiere Night 2016

Hey Everyone!

For those who don’t know, FUN and FRCTop25 have merged into one. We hope your build season is going great and we can’t wait to see all of the incredible machines built to play FIRST Stronghold.

This year, Premiere Night will be **March 1st at 8PM EST. **

Submissions are due Saturday, February 27th at 11:59PM EST

Premiere Night is a LIVE web show where we Premiere robot release videos for dozens of teams for the first time. Here’s an example from 4334, Alberta Tech Alliance that is one of the best we’ve ever had.

In the past, we have placed restrictions on what teams can release prior to Premiere Night in order to preserve the integrity of the “Premiere” aspect however this year we are changing those rules.

We at FUN want teams to focus on creating well produced robot release videos as well as provide opportunities for teams to share their designs with the FRC Community during build season. For this reason, listed below are the new rules for this year’s Premiere Night:

- Videos may not be longer than 90 seconds.

- Your release video cannot be released publicly until after it appears on our show( It is premiere night after all).

  • Please upload your video to YouTube as an UNLISTED video. Use the form below to complete your submission for Premiere Night.

We also thought it would be cool if teams hosted watch parties for this event and we have the ability to “check in” with these parties throughout the night. If this interests your team, will out the Skype ID section of the form and we will contact you.

Thanks and we can’t wait to see what teams have created!

*Quick Note about teams competing in week .5, you are still more than welcome to submit a video even though you will be competing before it’s released.

All of us at FUN and FRCTop25 are so excited for Premiere Night! Hope your team can participate!

Reminder to teams, the deadline for video submission is quickly approaching!

We hope you choose to participate in Premiere Night and we can’t wait to see what teams have come up with!

We entered. Although our design has been public throughout the whole season I did make a different reveal video for premiere night!

I condensed our initial reveal video to 90 secs, added new music/effects, and took the original one down (unlisted).

Is there a confirmation to know that my submission went through?

We are holding a viewing party at our shop to see all of the great videos. I added my skype in the submission form.

Thanks for the invite!

Thanks again Mike and Justin for hosting this again this year. Based on previous years/submissions so far, do you have any estimation on how long this will run?

I’ll be sending a confirmation email out tonight to teams that we have received submissions for.

Any word on how many reveal videos were submitted (i.e. how long the show will be)?

We are compiling videos tonight and we’ll have a post and press release tomorrow afternoon. We will also have a quick version of Recap talking about the Palmetto event and what’s to come for week 1. I would guess the show will be around two to two and a half hours total.