FIRST Useful Links List for 2020 and beyond

I haven’t seen one of these discussions in a while, so here we are.

I’ve been updating the local list of common links I use and publish here:

I am sure this list is not comprehensive to even myself, as I’ve probably not listed many sites I regularly use throughout the season.

Feel free to respond with your own favorite links. Could be suppliers, technical education, educational training/video links, NEMO type resources, whatever.

FLL/FTC/FLL Jr. links are ok - I can break those out elsewhere.

One rule - please don’t promote your own site/page/doc/video/etc. If it has value, others will mention it. If it is brand new, there are other places in which you can market it.

Another rule - please provide a short description of the link I could use when populating my list.


One of the most important websites, also our mechanical mentor’s favorite website: - McMaster-Carr. Do I need to say more?
And then definitely - Chief Delphi, it’s got many great useful things on everything in FRC.

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These are already on the list I linked, but thank you. I suppose it isn’t a bad thing to see them restated in the thread, however.

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I post this link up every opportunity I get because I think everyone should know it exists.

Spectrum’s Recommended Reading page is the most comprehensive collection of FRC knowledge that I know of.



Java Programming Resource Compendium
The Complete FRC Git Tutorial

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OK I think I’ve captured all the links into my list so far. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to see more.

  • Specialty FRC Suppliers
  • Programming Tutorials for all languages
  • Favorite publicly-shared source code for all languages - both complete robot projects as well as targeted functions

I know many things can likely be derived from Spectrum’s page (and I linked it near the top of my list), but I’d still like to identify some specific links to share on my page (especially those of greatest use to my team - we use C++…jussssss sayin’) :slight_smile:


Teams like 3847, as well as 2363 and 1678, make FIRST such a great place to learn and grow. These three organizations make the world better, not just FRC.


JVN’s Blog is super helpful too

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It’s indirectly linked on my page already (via his JVN calc spreadsheet page), but I can add an explicit link.

Agreed. The amount of resources they provide for this community is staggering. We (and a lot of other team) owe a lot to them.


Game Manual 0 - An (unofficial) guide for FTC teams:

2 Likes is a long-standing, stable, high quality resource for FLL which helped me as a student immensely and inspired the website which I run now. It’s critical for teams.

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