FIRST, UTC and CTCSE announce exhibit plans!

Robots Coming to Science Center
Inventor Dean Kamen, UTC, CT Center for Science & Exploration
Announce Robot Exhibit Plans for Science Center Coming in 2008 -

This is exciting news! For those of you who were not at the opening ceremonies on Saturday at the UTC New England Regional, plans were announced to “to create a cutting edge robotics exhibit at the new science center now under construction in Hartford.” For more details, click here.

I can’t wait to see what the exhibit will look like!

I’m really excited for the Science Center to be completed. Since I’ve been in second grade the construction of the center was always “just about to begin.” Now that they’ve actually broken ground, it’s almost here. :smiley:

I think they could make the FIRST exhibit really cool. I imagine having an alliance station with the blinking lights and team number displays would make for a really element of the display.

Only two more years!

This is exciting!

One of the (many) ideas that’s been stirring around in the back of my head for a few years has been to design a simple, informative exhibit about FIRST Robotics that teams could build themselves and donate, along with a robot, to local science, children’s and industry museums.

I briefly discussed this idea with those in charge of exhibits at Pacific Science Center while I worked there and they were receptive to the idea. Such museums often rent exhibits from third party companies and other museums for pretty hefty sums of money and they’d likely be thrilled to have the community interested in participating and supporting their mission.

I’d love to see what’s planned for this new museum, but if anyone is interested in developing something for their local museum, I’d love to move forward with the design of an exhibit and get input on its design, fabrication and content.

I’m really excited for the Science Center also, but I am a little older than you. It’s about time I have heard of this Science Center being built in Hartford I think since Edison invented the light bulb. I can’t wait to see it done. The last time I went to a big science center was in Boston. I think at that time the biggest thing they were talking about was the wheel (may be it was digital watches). I really will be happy to see it built. It will also be a plus for the city of Hartford that has really gone down hill over the last ?? years. Maybe with the new convention center the Science Center and maybe a real HOCKEY TEAM!! the city can turn around.

Please see the FIRSTcast interview with Dean Kamen and Dr. Ted Sergi regarding this awesome new opportunity! Thanks Matt and Jeff for bringing this to us!

BTW did anyone check out the science exhibit at the UTC regional. They set up some air blowers and then used Bernoullis principle to make beach balls hover in mid air. THey had this goal that yu could try to get the balls through. It was pretty small, but it was really super cool. I wish there was something like this at the NY regional. GO NY!

There are some pictures of it in their press release (see first post in this thread for link). That is a prototype of an exhibit display they may have in the new center. We were the first people to get to see it and try it out and I know every time I walked by, people were lined up to use it!