FIRST Vex Challenge Coming to NJ

FIRST VEX Challenge Coming To New Jersey
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Date: December 2, 2006
Location: The College of New Jersey

The FIRST VEX Challenge is a mid-level robotics competition based around the VEX Robotics kits currently being distributed by RadioShack and Innovation First. The purpose of this competition is to give more high school students hands-on experience with science, technology, and engineering in a fun and exciting manner.

Like its big brother, the FIRST Robotics Competition, the FIRST VEX Challenge games change every year, are scored by referees, have a panel of judges reward teams for on and off field accomplishments, and use a standard set of parts so that no team has an unfair advantage. Robots have drive and servo motors, several kinds of available sensors, gears, wheels, and treads, all designed for the VEX platform. Creativity, dedication, and fun are the keys to winning.

General Information
The FIRST VEX Challenge 2006/2007 will kick off in early fall and will conclude at the FIRST Robotics Championship in Atlanta GA in April of 2007. Teams are encouraged to start getting organized now, get familiar with the kits and consider fundraising ideas.

Teams are generally up of:
Up to 10 middle school and/or high school students
1 or 2 Adult mentors – They do not need to be engineers
1 or more Student Mentors (Optional) – Older students with more knowledge and experience. On many teams these are FIRST Robotics team members

Competition Season Timeline:
Early Fall - Registration and New Game announced
Late Fall and Winter - Regional Competitions
April – Championship Competitions
Unlike FIRST Robotics, the “build season” does not start or end on specific dates

The 2005/2006 game involved:
Judging on Engineering Notebooks maintained during the build process
Driver Controlled Period of Play
Teams play in 2 team alliances
Multiple Scoring Methods
Balls in Corner Goals
Balls in Center Goal
“Owning” a Goal (having more balls then the opponents)
Being on the foam ramp at the end of the match
Autonomous Period of Play

Costs for the 2005/2006 pilot season were:
$200 - FIRST Team Registration Fee
$300 – FVC Regional Event Entry Fee
$300 – VEX Kit purchase
$100 – VEX Programming Kit
Other Costs to Consider:
VEX Accessories (as needed)
Team T-Shirts
Travel to events
The above are estimated costs based on the 2005/2006 season. Prices for 2006/2007 have not yet been set.
Note: Consider buying the starter kit now. RadioShack is liquidating their inventory and has priced all kits and accessories at 50% off (limited quantities available). Kits and parts are also available from

NJ FIRST Vex Challenge Event
For the 2006/2007 FIRST VEX Challenge, New Jersey is planning to host a tournament at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ. The competition is scheduled for Saturday, December 2, 2006.

Contact George Marchant ([email protected]) to stay informed about the upcoming NJ Event and other FVC news.

It’s never too early to start preparing for FIRST, and FVC is now accepting pre-registrations from interested teams. Pre-registering insures you will receive the latest information and updates as soon as they become available. Pre-registration also helps FIRST in planning for the season’s requirements and logistics. There is no payment or commitment required to pre-register.

Visit FIRST at for more information or to register or pre-register a VEX team.