FIRST Water: Update

For all of ya’ll who have been looking out for National Beverage’s Mt. Shasta FIRST Water, I have an update. Last friday, I purchased a bottle of Mt. Shasta FIRST Water out of a vending machine on the south side of the building at Rolls-Royce Corporation where I am working. :smiley: I heard about it the other day from one of our team leaders that they were selling the water in the machines. I now have a half drank bottle of FIRST water that sits on my desk. I would take a picture of the water in the vending machine to show proof, but its against company policy to bring cameras into the facilities because of secret government/ export control rules that I cannot break. I’ll try to bring a bottle home tomorrow because its in a different shape than the ones they handed out at the competitions.

Although, I have yet to see it in stores yet :frowning:

Right on! FIRST Water in Indiana, and in Rolls Royce to boot :smiley:

Nice…now to get it up in Canada…
Want to mail me a bottle??

I was looking through a cataloge of business promo stuff, and you can get bottled water with a custom label. Anyone want to make their own FIRST Water? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I have not seen any since the 2001 (I think) Nats.

A few scattered reports of sightings have been made, but they seem to be few and far inbetween.


Look, its Bigfoot!

2002 Nats

And you can get your own soda printed w/ custon labels at

FIRST Jones Soda… mmm :slight_smile:

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**2002 Nats

And you can get your own soda printed w/ custon labels at

FIRST Jones Soda… mmm :slight_smile: **

Did it in 2001. I dont think i have any bottles left, they sent me extra labels though, im pretty sure i had them.

this thread is making me Firsty

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**this thread is making me Firsty **

oooh… bad joke… :stuck_out_tongue: